Tuesday, 12 December 2006

WFMW - Keeping Your Bins Fresh

How do you keep your bins from not smelling? It's a problem that I've noticed in lots of different people's homes and offices. Some only smell slightly, others will, to put it bluntly, stink up the whole room. So what can you do about it?

To keep my bins smelling fresh, I do 4 things:
1. Empty the trash. Seems simple, but too often the bin smells because it is overflowing with rubbish.
2. Put foods in a separate (very small) container for tipping in the compost. Food stuffs are the items that really smell, so keep them away from the rest of your bin, especially if it is full of tissues or other items that absorb smell. Keeping this container small forces you to empty it more regularly.
3. Wash the bin about once a month. This takes about 2 minutes. Fill with warm soap water, swish around an old sponge. Tip out and leave in the sun (if possible) to dry.
4. Wipe your bin with tea-tree oil. To do this soak a clean tissue with tea-tree oil and wipe around the bin. You should aim to cover the entire bin. This may take more then one tissue. When you have done this, line your bin and throw the soaked tissues in the bin. This also keeps down the scent. I do this about once a week.

Keeping your bin smelling pleasant - that definately Works For Me

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Works-For-Me-Wednesday! Great tips you've shared. I'll have to try the tea-tree oil part. :)

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Overwhelmed With Joy

Anonymous said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing!