Wednesday, 22 December 2010

General Update - From my email to Steph

I collapsed a month ago and couldn't walk for three hours. I've had my blood tested and got to wear a heart monitor for a day, which the children all thought was pretty awesome. I haven't got my results yet because...

About two weeks ago I got a text saying that my mum, who was overseas, had been admitted to hospital with dehydration. She picked up a bug in Eygpt, got to England and collapsed. A few days later I heard she was still in hospital, but there was no further communication because of weather affecting communications.

On Friday I went over to my parents house to phone my grandmother and find out what was happening. Turns out they got through to Uncle Brian, who got through to Julie, who decided that it would worry everyone else too much if she told us anything, so she just didn't tell anyone anything (not me or dad, let alone the boys) and wasn't going to until she realised I was going to phone and therefore would be finding out anyway.

Turns out mum picked up a massive bacterial infection, which attacked her liver, lungs, heart and kidneys. She was in intensive care for two days, critical care for 5, and medically died 3 times. She is fine, released from hospital, and was staying with my grandma.

Unfortunately, the house hadn't been cleaned at all in the 6 weeks mum was away. So it was feral. The washing machine broke 2 weeks ago, and they just didn't bother doing any washing. They haven't eaten any vegetables, fruit, or anything requiring cooking.

Then my brother and sister got into a fight over chocolate cake. So JW got a chisel to stab Julie. I took Julie back to my my place. Along with lots of washing.

Sunday Dad came home from Geelong and hit the roof. I came over after church and cleaned the place, and cleaned it more on Monday.

Mum is now stuck at Heathrow airport, with not great conditions for anyone, let alone someone just out of hopsital.

My family is such white trash. I'm gonna die this holiday!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I Love This

Nun Too Good

Alex was talking to Erin, telling her all about this movie she had seen on the weekend - The Sound of Music.

"The nuns, they're really bad."

"Are you sure the nuns are bad Alex?"

"Yeah, they're really bad. They shoot people! They even tried to catch my Opar, but he was too smart for them, so he escaped."

"Alex, I think you mean the Nazis."

"Oh, yeah, the Nazis, not the nuns."