Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sleep-Deprived Rant

I haven't blogged for a while, and I have a bunch of posts in my head, but I'm mostly too tired to do any of them.

Sick. Again. Another cold that is in the process of settling into my chest. I've been coughing up awesome coloured phlem on a regular basis now. As long as it isn't red, because that kinda freaks me out. That said, I think if I cough up blood twice in one winter I'll just about give up on life. Apparently I look dreadful; everyone at work has commented.

Still haven't posted about the PA Celtic Festival. We should get lots of people to go next year. We can all sit in the church service and bag it for its terrible theology.

Speaking of terrible theology, Ruth's sermon sucked. I am apparently not the only person who thought so, but I forced Jas to listen to about 10 minutes of me ranting about its horrendeousness.

Now that that complaint is out of my system, I feel better about myself.

Baby Erin wants to run over her new staff member with a tractor. Coincidentally, there is a tractor parked outside of my house.

I have the sweetest little African dolls. I love them, and am going to buy more when I have the energy to go to Chaddy. Which will be never.

HEY! Lots of people owe me birthday presents! GIMME STUFF! Or else I shall be sad and cry and cry.

Tomorrow I get to spend the whole day on the computer and tidying the storeroom! Yay! They are driving me CRAZY!

151 books to read.

Off to cough up plegm and go to sleep. Sorry for appalling spelling and grammar y'all. I'm sleepy. I think I mentioned it once or twice.

One day I'm going to sleep.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Comment for Kids

For those of you who haven't noticed, I really like kids. I want to have not only my 'own' (read bio) kids, but plan to adopt internationally.

While children wait for a "forever family" they are usually housed in orphanages, which, depending on the area, can lack very basic and necessary things, such as toys, medical things, and in some areas even food can be in very short supply.

And for those of you who haven't heard, a adopting mother is having a comment-fest on her blog. For every comment made this week, she will donate $1 to An Orphan's Wish, which helps orphanages in China.

Another reader has pitched in and is matching the pledge.

Other readers have similar posts, and a few are giving lump sums.

Hop on over to this post on Ni Hao Y'all and comment away!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Random Bits and Pieces

So I made a Kal and Stephen watch Robin Hood. They rather enjoyed it, but I must say that Stephen would die if he really had to live in a forest. He thought that the deer were kangaroos.

It's a very English version. Lots of insults - probably wasn't suitable for me at the tender ages I was watching it. But it did give me and Kal the opportunity to explain to Stephen about why the Saxons were all great archers while the Normans sucked, and where the insulting gestures of the middle finger and the first two fingers came from. (For those of you who don't know, they are both connected to archery, and are the English (because it always was the English) telling their enemies, "Nah nah nah nah nah, I still have two fingers / my middle finger!" Because the French used to cut those fingers off so that they couldn't be used as archers. History lesson over.)

I still need to do some more posts on my drawings - I haven't for ages. True, I haven't drawn for a while, but I do have a backlog of drawings.

I also need to share infos on the Celtic Festival. It was fun, and I didn't eat many allergens. I want to post links and videos of different performers, but I'll have to look on youtube because I never remembered to take any videos.

Having today off - partially sick, and partially because it's my planning day, so I'm planning at home. I had already done all my work, so I'm having a restful day achieving some of the 21 things on my to-do list for the day before heading out for the ballet this evening. Some people say that doing 21 things is not restful, but those people are not taking into account the innate restfulness that descends when those 21 things ARE DONE.

I have 156 books to read.

As some of you know, I knit. Mostly at the moment I knit hats and donate them. I am rapidly (okay, not that rapidly, but fairly steadily) going through my wool. If anyone has any half-balls of wool that they want to give me, then that would be very welcome. A full ball of wool will usually make about 4 hats, and I use smaller amounts to make stripes, so even very small amounts are welcome.

That's about it. Now to start doing things on my list. And no, blogging wasn't one of them.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


We have a new housemate. Meet Coco!

I love her because now that she is here Desperado's bestest buddy has disappeared! No more mousey! YAY!

Oh, her owner moved in too. Her name is Lee. Lee is good, but she doesn't get rid of mice.

Sam loves cats.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Stephen Is Will Scarlet

So I told a few people about my dream, the response was amusing. The best though, has definitely been Stephen.

He has decided that he IS Will Scarlet.

I leant him some of my Robin Hood books and he has been reading them like the over-eager boy he is, and then at random times he texted me and Kal his responses.

"Holy cow! Will Scarlet! So cool! I will now go find a scarlet cap with a fine cock feather."

And when he got to the end of the book,
"Robin Hood died! I'm so sad! I'm close to tears! How could he die? :-("

I replied that one of the factors involved was the fact that he was from the 14th century. That'll kill you every time.

"But but... His cousin betrayed him! And killed him! She should be tried for murder!"

I consoled him with the offer to go to England and dig her up and burn her bones. I don't think that consoled him, because he was too sad to buy us the mouse-traps we needed. At least we don't need them any more.

He eventually consoled himself...
"Today is 'Go to Work as Will Scarlet day'. Together with my suit I am wearing a hat (lacking a red feather) white shirt with red lines, red cardigan and red socks. I am Will Scarlet!"

The sad/funny thing is, everyone at his work thought he looked good.

Oh well.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Whoops, Sorry

Sorry Joab. Just realised that when you were trying to show me the photo it was because you were showing off, and not sharing details. I promise to let you be a normal boy and let you show off.

That's it for now.

I Love It When I Dream In Narrative

So, a few nights ago, I dreamed about Robin Hood. It was a full on story, complete with characters (mostly played by people I know) and a intricate subplot.

Here is it basically.

Normans hate Saxons. For some reason, the Saxons are all my friends from church. Read, if you're Saxon, you now are Asian. Normans are white. Which at least makes sense. If you're Saxon, you wear moden clothes, but the Normans got to wear awesome costumes. It was all in castles, but with modern technology, so I got to watch a "WANTED" add for Robin on TV.

I am Maid Marian. Marian is cousins with Lady Kelsey. Lady Kelsey is in love with Will Scarlet. (Played by Stephen.) They get caught, Uncle is not happy, locks Kelsey away in a tower, and Will heads to the forest to join the handsome Robin Hood (sorry, you're outta luck with details!)

Marian comes to the rescue. She delivers a messege from Kelsey to Will, and in doing so, meets the handsome Robin Hood. Robin teaches her how to sword fight.

Marian then gets caught, and also gets locked in the tower.

Clearly Robin is buffer than Will (sorry Stephen) because he climbs up the ivy (Romeo and Juliet style) to converse with Marian.

Lots of fights ensure.

The castle is burnt down.

Marian and Kelsey join Robin and Will in the Forest. They all get married by Friar Tuck. Clearly, Friar Tuck is Ps Ian. Friar Tuck was a Norman who sympathsized, from memory.


More Robin stories to come. Suffice to say, Stephen has decided that his role in life is to be the awesome Will Scarlet.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Robin Hood (and the thought processes of getting to him)

Was reading The Everlasting Man, and it was talking about the silliness of the popularised image of the cave-man, and then I thought about how awesome it would be to live in a cave. The recent guest preacher said bad stuff about caves. I suspect he's never been in one. Caves are awesome. For a brief while I wanted to live in one, but then I realised the error of my ways, and went back to my first abodal love - the tree house.

Recently my Mum was talking about how Julie and I designed our own tree house and wanted to live in it. My instant response was that I still want to live in one.

Stephen recently said that Shaun isn't Chinese, he's from a tribe. He (Stephen, not Shaun) danced for us the Chinese Hukka, which was hilarious. He then said they live in tree-houses. So I looked up the people group (Karda-something-or-other). They do in fact live in tree houses. I however, am slightly sceptical. How could Shaun have lived in a tree-house, if he didn't spend the majority of his childhood playing Robin Hood?

Which brings me to the point. Robin Hood. Awesome.

Best book: Enid Blyton's Tales of Brave Adventure. Enid is so under-rated. Seriously, as if you can doubt Julian's hotness. (Sidetracked for a second. Back to Robin Hood).

Best movie: Robin Hood. Oh My Goodness! I love this movie. It was my favourite movie until I saw The Princess Bride, and that overtook. So now that I'm reminded I have to buy it on Amazon. Hey! It was my birthday yesterday, and I haven't bought myself enough presents! The spending of over $150 of Vision Forum products means NOTHING when compared to the need for online retail therapy.

Here is a review of this film.

This used to be what I watched every time I was sick. As I was sick quite a lot as a kid, I used to be able to quote a whole lot of it by heart. And I was always surprised when the boy turned out to be Marion, no matter how many times I watched it. Fantastic.

I probably won't see the new Robin Hood. Robin Hood should be YOUNG. YOUNG I SAY! RUSSEL CROWE IS NOT YOUNG! HE IS OLD! SAM NOT LIKE!

Now that that's out of my system, I'll see it if it's on TV, or for really cheap on DVD. But to pay good money to see it in cinemas? I'll go see that 3D dance movie first. I like dance movies, even if the acting is terrible. It's all about the dance.

Distracted. Robin Hood.

So, one of the many reasons why the above Robin Hood is awesome is that it is hilarious.

Here's the trailer. Doesn't have most of the best lines though.

Spent money. All is right with the world.

On A Birthday Related Note

Desperado has done a birthday post about me. And as there is a simply smashing photo of me (sorry for the phony British accent there) on it, you had all better click on over.

Apparently, I am very awesome. What can I say? I just am.

At Least I'm Improving

In my drawing. This is not my favourite drawing. Oh well. I do keep getting better.

And incidentally, my cough seems slightly better today. I love antibiotics!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I'm Not Dying

I apparently have a chest infection. Dr thinks that the blood was from a burst blood vessel in my wind-pipe, and that all should be good with antibiotics. If not then I get to be treated as suspected pneumonia and get chest x-rays and then probably a whole lot more fun like IV antibiotics. But at least no hospital on my birthday.

On the bright side, I took tomorrow off too. And I did lots of fun art today. And spent money on fun art supplies. That was fun. Sam like art.

Sam like not coughing blood. It's Sam's favourite.