Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Five Little Scorpians

Every Tuesday, I bring in an animal. Because Tuesday's kids are sedate and unlikely to kill the poor creatures I make suffer. Today I brought in some earwigs (eww, earwigs).

Alec looked at the earwigs adn asked, "Are they scorpians?"

"No Alec, they are earwigs."

"Can you bring in some scorpians next week?"

"No Alec."

So when we did singing, ans we sang Five Little Ladybugs we then sang, at Alec's request, Five Little Scorpians.

Well, at least they all end up dead.

Sam Did Not Get Her Nap Today

The Folks At Vision Forum Would Probably Agree

Stephanie hadn't seen all the different doll dresses, so I was showing her, with Alana and Jonty looking again. Jae Hong came up too, and saw this picture.

"It's SUPERGIRL!" he cried out.

Sam Is Disguised

When I walk into work, Jae Hong and Ethan usually run up and hug me and say, "Sam! Sam! We love you Sam!" etc etc. Today was different. Jae Hong ran up, and then noticed that Ethan was not.

"Ethan, it's SAM!"

Ethan looked at Jae Hong as though he were an idiot. "That is not Sam," he said. "She is wearing PANTS!"

Monday, 27 October 2008

Get Taken Hostage at Madama Butterfly

So, as most of you might have noticed, I have weird dreams on occasion. Not your usual weird dreams. WEIRD ones.

So, last night's was I was at the opera and everyone was taken hostage. It wasn't too bad. I never did work out what they were taking people hostage for, but really, that's not the point.

The point is, there are 2 spare tickets up for grabs for Madama Butterfly. They are I think $45, and it is on Wed 26th of Nov at 7:30.

Who wants to be a hostage with me?

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sam Hates Inaccuracies

Ps Ian finally did it. He said something WRONG. I hate it when people say things that are WRONG in sermons. It annoys me like you wouldn't believe. I was sitting there fuming, thinking, "That's WRONG!" until he made the funny statement about the blind man looking at the mud.

I do not care that he was quoting. It was WRONG.

And before you think that is bad, I am STILL cross with these people for their innacuracies:
- Ps Wilson. The Amish are not dying out.
- Wes. The Emancipation proclimation. Did not free all the slaves in America. Only those in rebel-controlled Southern states.
- Uncle Peng. Moths are in cacoons, butterflies are in chrysilises. Although I am less cross, because I pointed it out to him. Reb has told me to do so, because I fume about it.

Wes's sermon was over a year ago. I'm still cross. Ps Wilson should be glad that I was not at the Bible conference, because I would have been very, very cross when he again made the same inaccuracy for a second time.

Yes, I am aware that these are all minor points in sermons. But I HATE it. They are WRONG!

Monday, 20 October 2008

My Day In the Kitchen

Our cook is away, and today I got kitchen duty. I was to start at 7:30, a horrible hour to start work.

Within 20 minutes I had flooded the kitchen. I'd never uses a dishwasher before.

On the bright side, judging from the colour of the water after I mopped the floor, the kitchen needed flooding.

Then I set about chopping fruit and making sandwiches. Until 3:30. Where upon I stopped. Because I worked continuously, so I got to go home EARLY!

Sam likes going home early.

Now for music practice before ballet class.

I promise I won't flood it.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Speaking of Kid Art

From Here in the Bonny Glen.

Every Day Beauty: Art (Part 1)

I just read The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. Awesome book! Reb flipped through it this morn and said, "I highly approve of this book." Kal thinks it is more-than-slightly scary.

This book is not specifically only on homemaking, though that is (obviously) the main thrust of the book. Rather, it is, as the subtitle says, about creative ideas for enriching everyday life.

God is the first artist, and even though his work has been vandalised it is still incredibly beautiful. You only have to look at a sunset to see this. Humans are created in the image of God, and we too like to make things beautiful.

And so, I'm starting a new category for my blog - Everyday Beauty. And the first section is on art.

What decorates your walls? What sits on your bookshelves? Would any of it be termed 'art'?

Now, most of us cannot afford original art by the masters, but we can still have art in our homes and places of work. Here are some generalised ideas and ways that I have implemented them in the past.

1. Reproductions
You can buy reproductions of the great masters for a very small amount of money. In some cases you can get for free buy going to the National Gallery and asking them if they have any promo posters for current or past exhibitions that they are giving away. I've done this once, and came away with two massive posters - one of The Scream, on of a lady from the Impressionists exhibition. I was there for a free talk on something, and they mentioned that you can do this. So I did. I also have a small (about the size of two postcards) poster of Starry Night by Van Gough. My big posters are not up at the moment (The Scream is not really a bedroom poster, and the living room has more than enough posters of cats etc in it) but my little copy of Starry Night adorns the inside door of my locker at work.

2. Kid Art.
Some of the best pieces of art I've ever seen are by kids. Picasso said that all of his work was trying to draw like a child. Some of the kids at work are AMAZING (big Ella, Gleda and Priscilla immediately spring to mind, big Ella and Gleda for their painting, and Priscilla for her "Priscilla moments" which are sponaneous still life sculptures using the toys in our room). I have a few pieces of kid art in my home.

Mikey's drawing:

Daniella's painting:

3. Your own art.
Sure, most of us can't draw or paint, at least not at a level we are satisfied with. But you would be surprised. My drawing, quite frankly, sucks. The only people who think I can draw are very small children. And that's because I draw things like fairies and mermaids and pirates, and they like any drawing of fairies and mermaids and pirates. But you can make your own art. Tennesse has several of his paintings up on the walls of his house. Some of them are not particularly good, and are more there because that's the easiest way to store them, but there are one or two that are beautiful. Try wire sculptures or pottery.

My ballerina:

Reb's plate and goblet:

There really is a lot that can be done to make the places we spend a lot of time in more beautiful!

If anyone else wants to post any pictures etc of their houses and the art in them, send me a email and I'll post them.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

For Kal


Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

Today's To-Do List

- Connect
- Music Prac 1
- Music Prac 2
- CD 2
- 4 Learning Stories
- Read Every Thought Captive
- Light Globe
- KFC Costume
- Tune Harp
- Go through Books
- Email Auntie Violet
- Pay credit card
- Transfer money to my savings account
- 1 Load of washing
- Rearrange bedroom
- Handwashing
- Polish Shoes
- Read Getting Organised

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Documentary on World Populations

Demographic Winter

Quote from their website:
"Couples decide to have children for all kinds of reasons – religious, emotional, cultural, etc. Money doesn’t seem to be one of them, although money concerns are sometimes cited as a reason for having fewer children."

Who thinks I can single-handedly reverse this trend? It will be a big ask, even for me, but I'm willing to try...

Now, all I need is a partner in crime...

Monday, 13 October 2008

Sam Muses

Would a prose edition of The Odyssey go in the poetry section, or in the general (i.e. non-kids) fiction section?

I put in in the poetry section, but I'm torn. TORN I say!

And who found the title aMUSEing?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Record Songs

I wrote a few songs for KFC memory verses. Auntie Violet asked me to record a few of them and a few songs for the kids so they can practice for the Christmas service.

Here is a excert. Kal thinks it is a number 1 hit. She did the filming, but for another project. We combined the two for viewing amusement.

Quiz: What verse? Points / chocolate for winners.

Amy, you are barred from entering, as you have an unfair advantage (access to the KFC curriculum)

I Am Clearly Sick

Why? I've been eating really well this week. Okay, I had ice-cream for dinner twice. And I just ate ice-cream for breakfast. But seriously, the rest of the time has been scary nutritious. Here's what I ate yesterday:

- a bowl of chocolate porridge
- a wholegrain sandwhich with basil spread, sliced mushroons and cheese
- two peces of raison bread
- a salad with lettuce and semi-dried tomatoes
- about 1/3 of a cucumber
- a pear
- a banana
- two tubs of pureed apple
- half a vegemite and cheese sandwhich (white bread)
- an extra banana slice
- a few watermelon slices (finger sized ones - I think I had three)

And then for the junk food:
- two sweet bicuits
- 1 bowl (and not even a large one) of homemade ice-cream

You know what is worse? On my break I noticed that there were lots of sweet biscuits in the cupboard. And I ate, I WANTED to eat, my sandwhich. Free sweet biscuits!

Man, I MUST be sick.

Monday, 6 October 2008

David + Kaye's Wedding

Finally up to putting up the photos for this.

Anyway, for church friends, two of my school friends got married recently - David and Kaye. I missed the wedding, but made the reception. It was beautiful - and everyone danced. That is because it was a Jewish wedding, and Jewish boys dance. They all dance hyper, and I think that is way, way cool. Claire said that she wants a Jewish wedding. Eli told her that it takes 2 years to convert. She replied that she didn't want to become Jewish, she just wanted to wedding. I like the bits where you throw lollies at the couple, and then the kids scramble to get the lollies so they can eat them. I think I'm going to steal that bit at least.

The happy couple

Claire, Steph and Winnie.


For some reason there are no photos of me on either my camera or Winnie's. Not one. There will be some of me dancing in the official photographs - though not as many as there will be of Steph. The photographer thought that Steph dancing was the highlight of the evening.

It was very romantic - the best bit was that the music for their dance together cut out, but they kept on dancing. And when it came back on, they were in time. It was so sweet.

More people need to get married. Okay, okay, I know Cors and Justin are. And Jas and Chris. But really, is that enough?

Tulip Farm

On Saturday I went to the Tulip Farm with Kal and her CG. There were flowers. I ate a lot (not the flowers though).

Sam takes good photos.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Way So Cool

If you look at all of my book lists on a semi-regular basis, you will notice that I update them. I add books when I find something really special. It has to be REALLY special for me to put it up as a favourite on my blog. Not that they are all perfect (I consider My Place to be hugely politically flawed, but I still love the book, and I want one day to make a similar book myself - and one like Window)

For PSB (Picture Story Books for those of you who aren't kidlit people) my favourite ever has to be Not A Box. So great! My criteria for PSBs is fairly stringent, especially if I'm buying new, because those things are aout $20 a pop, and I can't spend that kind of money on something that easily. Especially something that lasts less than 5 minutes. But I bought Not A Box new the moment I saw it at Readings.

Criteria for a PSB:
- Pictures have to make me feel happy. Some can be really lush, or realistic, or collage photos, or simple, but they HAVE TO BE WELL DONE.
- Story needs to be good. 'Nuff said.
- It needs to be worded properly. If I hear something that aint written there, it probably isn't written well. When you read it, it needs to sound as though there is NO OTHER POSSIBLE WAY it could have been phrased.
- Morally appropriate. This rules out a lot of books. In a book, if a kid does wrong, they need to get punished. I won't read Olivia and the Missing Toy to my kids at work because she is a brat who is repeatedly rude to her parents, mean to her siblings, ungrateful, and her parents encourage her to be materialistic. I don't like many 'classics' for this reason, and don't have them - I gave the Rainbow Fish to work, because in my opinion it degrades natural gifts and encourages children to be 'just like everyone else' and it promotes communism. Seriously, I think that. We can talk about my issues in the comments, but my kids aren't reading The Rainbow Fish.
- Able to be read 5 times IN A ROW without me feeling ill. Because kids will ask for it at LEAST that many times if they like it. At LEAST. But in all honesty, if you can stand it five times in a row, you can stand it as many times as the kid(s) want to hear it.

Not A Stick is a book that I desperately want. I.E. one I'm going to be buying at Readings when I get my Readings voucher. Or at Readings before I get my Readings voucher, so I get a bigger Readings voucher. Check out the interview with Antoinette Portis - so awesome. And I want A Penguin Story too.

I need to earn more money. Oh well, Christmas is coming.

I Love Kids

"Hey Sam, can we listen to The Bugs? Me and Taya want to dance."
- Alana has a great taste in music

"How old are you Sam?"
"I'm twenty-four."
"I'm turning four too!"
- Lily believes that I am clearly one of the kids.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Currently Reading

- The Genesis Flood
- Always Ready
- The Double Helix
- The Normans
- The Poems of W.H. Davies
- The Gospel of Matthew

Hoping to get to soon:
- Characters around the cross
- A Live Coal in the Sea
- Mathematics: Is God Silent?
- And a few light kids books when I feel like it.

I have over 182 bookmooch points. I was vaguely aiming for 200 for when Reb gets back, but I don't think I'm going to get another 18 points by tomorrow. On the other hand, that is only 6 books being mooched - so it might happen. Reb thinks that when I get 200 points all will be right in the world.

What are you all reading?