Monday, 24 September 2007

In Which Christian Makes Me Cry

Well, it isn't a proper Care Group until I cry.

We were having a discussion on waiting for God's timing (I hate those discussions, which no doubt means that I need to hear a lot of them). Of course, the only thing I'm waiting for is a husband and children. And I just happened to mention that a females best years physically to have children are between the ages of 18 and 25. And then I just happened to mention that I happen to be nearing the end of those years.

At which point, Christian decides he's going to cheer me up. "That's all right, you'll have twin after twin after twin."

At which point I snapped at him that I couldn't have twins, and that if I did manage to conceive them I would miscarry and die. (Yes, that is a slight exaggeration. The miscarriage is fairly certain, but the death is thankfully, less likely.) And then I started crying.

Well, then Jenna decides to hug me. Which goes to show that this is a new care group. People should never hug me when I cry. It either A) makes me cry more or B) makes me angry. (I once slapped someone in the face who was hugging me when I was upset. Normally I am better controlled, but this was when I was a moody 14 year old, unsaved and upset.) Jenna got pushed away a few times, and realised that she was not helping, in enough time to ensure that I didn't slap her. And it was quite a close call. (Okay, so maybe I haven't changed THAT much.)

Christian felt awful about it. He had forgotten all about my having had cancer, and was, as I said, trying to cheer me up.

The moral of the story is: never try and cheer me up.

Christian now gets added to a long list of people who have made me cry by being nice to me. So I thought I'd offer you all an incomplete list of people who've made me cry by being nice. (Not in any particular order)

- Christian
- Steph
- Claire
- Cors
- Auntie Daisy
- Anton
- Robbie (ex-boyfriend)
- Robert (brother)
- Old students including: Kate, Lily, James, Tom, Keir, Aska, Megan, Briana. Probably a lot, lot more. I end up crying almost any time a student does anything nice for me.
- Swee
- Kien

Just to repeat: the moral of the story is never try and cheer me up.

Thursday, 13 September 2007


For those of you who haven't heard of it, you need to know about Freecycle. Basically, you get stuff for FREE. Here's how it works:

You join their group. You post about 2 or more items you have that you want to give away. People email you and say, "Please can I have it." You email back one of them and say Yes. They come and pick up the item, which you leave on your porch.

You can reply to any of their posts and be one of the people saying "I would like the item". And once you have posted 2 things, you can put up a wanted post, asking for something you especially would like.

I got rid of half a tin of paint (SO many people wanted this one) and some plants I dug up from my garden. I then posted a WANTED for any musical instruments of any kind, and got a free guitar. That's right FREE! How good is that!

Here is the link for the Frankston Freecycle. If you don't live in Frankston, just google Freecycle and the place you live!

Sunday, 9 September 2007


For the few non-Hope Melbourne readers, here's some information for you. We recently had three prophets come to our church and prophecy over the leaders and the general congregation. Now, before I start, for those of you who are Christian but disapprove of / don't believe in prophecy, I would just like to point out, that in Revelations a great many people will be deceived by a false prophet. Now, a false prophet is only going to be able to convince people if there are REAL prophets about. As the prophets stressed, we should carefully compare all prophecies given with scripture, discuss them with our leaders, and carefully evaluate them.

So now on to the interesting stuff.

I got prophecied over on Thursday. I had been quite worried about it - I had a vision of them saying that I would die lonely and alone and WITHOUT ANY CHILDREN! Which of course, would make me want to cry - and probably WOULD make me cry, right there and then. So although I had missed out on the earlier Frankston session I was only half disappointed. But on Thursday, I did get prophecied over.

I am a princess. I am in a castle with a protected moat. I am in a time of preparation.

It's nice to be vindicated about my royal status :P

But seriously, it was a wonderful event for all of us - to see where we are heading, as a church, in regards to our leaders, and in regards to some of us individually.