Monday, 31 March 2008

On Names

As those of you who have been reading for a while would know, I'm planning to give my kids virtue names. Here are some of the ones so far:

- Christian Courage
- Will Triumph
(On the bright side, these can be shortened to Christian and Will. I did think of that before I planned for my kids to be bullied for the rest of their lives.)
- Mercy Grace
- Faith Evanagline

And before you all think that is bad, there is a family that that will suffer more than mine in the name department. At the OC, Joab, Ian and I were discussing these names. And then I learnt the lovely names that Ian's kids will be called. Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, New. They just flow into his last name... Harmony Song... New Song...

I don't know how pleased Ivy will be with all those names, but she needs to realise that when you pair her name up with Ian's and say it really fast it sounds like "I've a song". Oh well. It could be worse. Ivy's sister's name is Ida.

As if that aint funny.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Hair

As those of you from church would know, I got my hair cut. We got some photos for you all!

Here's my hair before. As you can all see, it's rather long.

Me attempting a hair flick.

The plait is detached.

My new 'do.
The general consesis was that people liked it. I think I only had one person be horrified, though most people were shocked. I always thought that I'd never get my hair cut off - I have after all been growing it for 14 years.

The plait is being donated to Wigs for Kids.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Johnny Works With...

At work I'm singing some songs with the kids. We start off witht he clapping sticks, and then move on to some action songs. We're busy singing Johnny Works With One Hammer. We've gone through one hammer, two hammers, three hammers, and we sing "Then Johnny Works With..."

Bronx calls out "Bob the Builder!"

Friday, 28 March 2008

Our Plan Of Vengence

A certain person in our church is going to have to suffer greatly for the pain he has inflicted on Kallie and me. Not merely in creating a monster whom we had to listen to the entire journey TO the OC, but for the fact that he likes the Powerpuff Girls. Not only that, but he can sing the theme song. We're talking the VERSE, not just the chorus.

So why does he have to suffer? I hear you ask.

Because we had that theme song in our heads the ENTIRE WAY BACK. 22 hours on a bus, with thinking, "Powerpuffs save the day!" But as if that is not bad enough, it's STILL in my head. And the virus is spreading. One of my work collegues, Jenna, is now singing it too. So vengence is in order.

So, our plan.

A (female) caregroup member will be talking suspiciously to JW (my brother). This will be pointed out, and the not-innocent-victim will go over. JW will make suspicious comments and/or moves. This will incite possessive rage of jellyfish proportions, and boy will tackle and aggresively apprehend JW. This will all be videotaped. It will then appear on You-tube, with all faces except victim's pixelated. We may even hack into the church PA and present our movie to a wider audience.

The Powerpuff Girls theme song will be the background music.

Frugal Friday: Kitchen's Closed

Sorry for you all who have clicked over from Crystal's site, this is not directly relevant to you. But the principle works just the same.

Anyways, for all you who actually know me, and who live nearby me and/or go to Monash Clayton, did you know that you can get a hot free lunch?

You see, there are in the world strange, strange people called hippies. And they like to run vegetarian resturants. Cheap vegetarian resturants (for those of you who are in / visiting Brunswick, Lentil as Anything is a pay-as-you-see-fit resturant, and there are lots of others about). And as I am both cheap and vegetarian, I like such places.

Anyways, at Monash, in the campus centre, is Wholefoods. The food is good, and it's cheap. But at 2:30, the kitchen closes... which is to say the till closes.

That's right. After 2:30 the food is FREE.

Now, you kinda have to keep your eyes on your plate there (as I said before, hippies are strange people, and there are some slogans on the walls that might not please everyone) but the food is FREE!

Mmmm, free food.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Amy, Our Love

While at the OC, Kallie and I were waiting for Amy, who was at a meeting. She was gone a LONG time. So we wrote her this poem, then read it to her.

Amy, Our Love

Amy, beloved Amy,
Thy hair is dark
And evokes haunting memories
Of dim dusk light on a magpie's wing

Amy, dearest Amy,
Thy smile is radient
Like a fluorescent wand
And uplifted to which our hearts doth sing

Amy, darling Amy,
Thy dulcet tones
Are like the songs of bellbirds
Across valleys with echoes that ring

Amy, absent Amy,
Why have you left us in isolation,
Where all that remains are our painfully beating hearts,
And with each contraction that knife of loneliness
Slowly pierces our brains.

But now
At last
Our love returns!
And we breathe once more.


It has been pointed out by heartless people that our poem does not make logical sense. Those heartless people are simply people who are heartless and have no sense for poetry.

Incidentally, this poem has been recited by Alicia and recorded by Adrian. She read it well, with great expression. Although it was also funny when we made Joab read it.

Just so as you all know, Kallie's writing me an epic. There are going to be seagulls of jealousy that peck out eyes and dolphins which rampage through supermarkets.

Contextualising Scripture

Well, I've just got back from Quensland where we had the OC. And I have a few funny posts to put up. Survey questions, plans of vengence, etc, etc.

But I thought I'd start off with something that actually has to do with the Bible. You know, given that that is a big part of Christianity.

As you all know, I go to an international church. My blonde hair makes me a distinct minority (ha ha! I'm so funny! Hey - it's 5:30). Well, we have a few interesting phrasing of sentences, a few interesting pronounciations of words, all of which cause Kallie and I (and to a lesser extent Rebecca) to crack up. Here was the top one for the OC.

Ps Wilson was presenting, and he started talking about the Utopian Eunich. Seriously, that was what Kal and I heard. I remember thinking that the Eunich probably didn't find his situation Utopian.

The other is from me mis-reading my Bible in a way that was funny (to me, I know, no one else, except maybe Daniel would find this funny). Amongst the descendents of Noah (through Ham) were the Ludites. Except I read the Luddites.

Common, as if that isn't funny!

But there are some very funny posts coming up, so stay tuned!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Mikey Has Some Competition... But He's Not Worried

I work with kinder kids. Anyway, one of them is named Jae Hong. He's really cute. He looks at you and says "I spi-der-man!" (you have to hear me say it - it's so funny).

So I was at work and Jae Hong gives me a hug. I say, "What was that for?"

"I love you Sam."

So, at Frankston I was waiting at the reception desk. Mikey came up to me and said, "Sam, I'm going to miss you when I grow up."

Me: "I thought you were going to marry me. You won't miss me then."

Mikey: "Oh yeah, I forgot."

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

You Know...

You know you're tired when... you come to CG after work and your shepherd wants to know why you aren't in bed.

You know you want to be a quiverful when... you can play soccer with one kids with another kid balanced on your hip, and with a doll in your apron pocket.

And could I get more opinions regarding the hair?

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Should I chop my hair off?

I'm considering it.

I've been growing it since I had cancer when I was 10. Which is 13+ years.

I'm thinking if I do I'll get the cut bits made into a wig for someone who's having chemo.

What do you all think?

KFC Meeting

So we had a KFC teacher's training session. In it for one grade it was discussed that the girls of the class were less than enamoured with the boys of said class.

"They're at that stage," said Tiffany.

"The boy germ stage," I added.

Shawn (Shawn who live with Joan-and-Jason Shawn) said that "Boys don't have germs. The fact that we don't wash is completely irrelevent."

Monday, 3 March 2008

Bella Ella

One of the kids in my kinder is called Ella. Last week, she drew a picture. Now, all of her pictures are of one or more members of her family. So when she drew a picutre of lots of people, I knew it was her family.

"This is Dad, and this is Sophie, and this is Sam (her mum, Ella loves it that we have the same name, especially as Ella looks a lot like me - same blonde hair and general stubborness) and this is Charlotte, and this is Baby Ella (meaning her) and this," she says, pinting to a baby in the corner, "Is Baby Jesus."

As if that isn't the cutest thing ever!

BTF Craft Meetings

We had a BTF craft meeting recently. Rebecca, Kien and I are doing crafts, and we're both Frankston and Waverley. As it was informal and we had Wagon Wheels (mmm... Wagon Wheels) Kallie joined us.

Here is a sample of the deep and meaningful conversation we had:

Kien: What do beavers do?
Rebecca: They cut down trees.
Me: Laugh
Kallie: I know, we get the kids to cut down trees!
Me: Do we have permits to give the kids axes?
Kien: Beavers don't use axes
Kallie: They us CHAINSAWS!

Things I Have Learnt From My New Job:

1. If you are carrying a million things, but not a child, your arms are empty.

2. You can fit 2 kids on my lap, 2 sitting at my sides, and four standing behind my chair. Of course, when you have that many kids surrounding you, it isn't easy to read the book they are all asking for.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

More Illegal Activities

Well, while Joab is contemplating putting a restraining order on me and Kallie, he will be pleased to know that some boys who clearly feel the same way have taken the law into their own hands.

Ethan (from Kinder, not from church or cleaning), met me for the first time and said to me, "I'm going to put you in jail."

I told him that I was busy tidying the puzzles right now, we'd see about later.

Well, eventually Ethan, Mishu, Parker, Jonty, Lochy K and a few of the other boys put me in jail. I busted out a few times, but was caught, and I got out on parole once to take Jae Hong to the toilet.

When I asked what my crime was, do you know what it was? Not proposing to steal Joab's car. Oh no.

It was FUN.

And, and Mishu said, "You aren't ever having any fun any more."