Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Getting Fit

Life is busy at the moment. Aside from working almost full time and studying full time and serving in church and going on mission trips and running three blogs and making art, I've recently decided that I need to be much fitter. Because at the moment, I'm not.

Until recently, I've had absolutely zero motivation to do any form of exercise aside from occasional dancing. I was quite simply too sick and too tired to do any such thing. But this year I've been getting my energy back (with the occasional result of me trying to do more than is humanly possible) and now I actually feel like I should be moving.

So I started jogging.

I also joined a gym.

In the few weeks I've been exercising, I've already taken 12 minutes off of my run times. Yeah, that only says how bad I was at the beginning. My run is about 4.22km. And no, I still don't run (or even jog) the entire thing.

The bright side is I could definitely do a 5km fun run (as long as they let me walk some of it!)

My current time (22.08 - not when this post shows, scheduling posts is the only way I can keep up the blogging with no internet at home) is 34 minutes. The internet tells me it "should" take me around 25-30 minutes. I'm hoping to get there soonish.

On the gym front - I worked out that if I go to 1 class a week, I've broken even. So my minimum is 1 class a week (I'm not such a fan of the machines, so I've only used them 2 or three times). It's Wednesday today, and I've been to 4 already this week. So I've getting my money's worth.

My favourites are the dancing ones - Sh'bam and Zumba. I also really like CXWorks, and boxing was also fun. I'm trying out pretty much everything.

I have a PT, which the guy who signed me up said was his "absolute favourite trainer", which I assumed was a code word for a PT who needed another client. Yesterday though, I saw him training with her, so that's pretty good.

I've also done some cycle classes, which resulted in me being slightly saddle sore, but I promised JW that next year I would do a fundraiser bike-ride in memory of his friend. SO YOU ALL BETTER SPONSOR ME! I think he's signing us up for the 20km (which I can do on the machines, but on the road it'll be a different story), but he could be crazy and sign us up for the 60km, because he said he might do that. In which case, YOU ALL BETTER SPONSOR ME LOTS AND LOTS BECAUSE I MIGHT DIE AND THEN MY ORGANS WILL BE DONATED AND AT LEAST THE CHARITY WILL GET SOMETHING, IF ONLY MY ORGANS. (Do you htink they'll want my organs? I mean, seriously? My liver's good, and a few other things, but my lungs and my heart? Well, they're probably better than the ones they have.)

So I am alive, well, and getting buff.

I think all this running has made me crazy. Not enough oxygen to the brain, I expect.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dumb Comments

It amazes me the amount of utterly stupid things that some people say about Africa. Really, REALLY dumb things. Here's the one that I think takes the cake.

Dummy: I really want to go on a mission trip to Africa.

Me: Great. Where in Africa?

D: You know, AFRICA.

Me: Anywhere specific.

D: Maybe the Congo. Or Liberia. Those states in Africa.

Me: Right. (Thinking, you're joking. You just called two countries states. And those two countries are nowhere near each other, and speak different languages, even the European languages. You just want to go because they've been mentioned before at church events.)

D: But I was wondering, when you move there, how will you learn the language?

Me: In Uganda, the national language is English. But I'm working on learning Luganda at the moment, and I plan to start working on Lugisu next year, when I'm not studying and so have more time.

D: (getting really excited) You know what you should do? There's this boy, in the _____ centre. He's from Zimbabwe. You should get HIM to teach you!

Me: He's from Zimbabwe?

D: Yeah!

Me: I don't think he's going to speak Luganda or Lugisu.

D: Of course he speaks African, he's from Zimbabwe!

Me: I'll keep it in mind (so I can blog about this later!)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday, 5 August 2012

African Exam Answers

I marked an exam in Africa (for P4, or approx grae 3). Some of the answers were hilarious, so I recorded them for the blog.

Write Saturday in short form:

Write Sun in full

Charity Begins...
Charity begins... the work
Charity begins... crying
Charity begins... with the letter "C"
Charity begins... talking

As black as...