Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Everyone Makes A Christmas CD

Proof in point - Art Garfunkel. Seriously. I mean, the guy is Jewish, and I don't think that religious. But he has a Christmas album The Animals Christmas.

It's actually ok, and what's more, my kinder teacher from when I was a kinder kid clearly loves Artie too, because one of the songs written for the album (which would have been 2 years before I started kinder) have been sung at EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS CONCERT at my kinder since FOREVER. At least since I went there.

There's probably even a video of me as a dove singing about how I cooed baby Jesus to sleep. I was given that part because I was always climbing things, and the doves had to be up "high". (The other year I was an angel - the lead one I think.)

So, as everyone makes a Christmas CD, I will too at some point. As in, probably around June. It just seems appropriate.

No dove songs though.

Monday, 14 February 2011


For those of you who don't know, I used to sing. I was ok, but I improved when I got to 19 years old. My voice just matured. Of course, by then I was no longer in any choirs or anything.

Anyways, I sponsor a few children through Bushikori. And in May they are having a fundraiser night. I thought about what I could give, and eventually came up with the idea of making a CD.

So last Saturday I recorded 12 songs at Adam's place.

When I say 12 songs, I mean more than 50 tracks over 7 hours. Yes, my throat was sore afterwards.

Adam is now editing it so I sound better.

I listened back and I actually don't sound too bad. Although I strongly suspect Dannny Boy is going to be terrible. Anyone have any ideas on traditional songs that I could sing to replace it?

Plan is to sell them at the night for $10 each, and to sell them either in person and or on my blogs for the same price (though the blogs would also cost postage). The centre would also be able to sell through their site.

To put it in perspective, if I sell 8 CDs, that sponsors a child through them for 3 months.

So, get ready to buy some CDs of me singing!

PS - On a completely unrelated note - Hi Amy! We miss you! And actually, going GF is easier than I thought!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hey Jude

We have a new kid called Jude, and he's pretty cool. He talks non-stop, which is nice because most of our children are still non-talkers. Anyways, he's massively in love with our little Chinese girl, Ky-An.

We were putting him to sleep, and he kept on pointing to Ky-An and saying, "Hair! Black hair! Big black hair!" (Ky-An has a bit of a mohawk thing happening). Then he started trying to grab it. We were definitely not allowing that - Ky-An was asleep!

"Well, at least we know what kind of girl you're going to be marrying," I said.

Jude pointed to Ky-An "Her!"

The next day, Jude and Ky-An are lying on their beds and Jude goes over and starts hugging Ky-An. He's a bit bigger than her, and she started looking a bit concerned, because he's not the most gentle child.

"Hey Jude," I say (because I say this at every opportunity). "We know you love Ky-An, but it's time for you to be on your bed and Ky-An to be on hers and for you both to be going to sleep."

"She's hot!" Jude said, and went back to his bed.