Monday, 28 April 2008


Today was a great day! Fantastic! Mondays are the easiest day at work, all the kids are lovely, and there aren't any major clashes of personalities to deal with. And then... I got to help out with the pre-kinders... and then I spent an hour with the babies! The babies were lovely, and there wasn't any crying. They were angels. And then I went to the toddlers for the end of their nap time. And then I went back to the kinder kids, and THEY were lovely.

Then I came home, and got home at 6, which is rather early for me.

And found that I had gotten a book from Bookmooch, which made me happy. And that my order from Vision Forum had come in. I so can't wait to read the books I bought! And to listen to the CD sermons! (Yes Claire, I'm weird.) And listen to a series on history (Rebecca will fight me for it once she realises I've got it!)

I am very blessed!

And The Winner Is...

You know how Veng was worried that he would make me cry? And how Joab thought that he could? Well, we have a winner. The next person who made me cry by being nice was... (drum roll please)


I'd like to point out, this is quite an achievement for her. She has never made me cry before. She always realises she's being too nice and backs off. She has now officially joined the ranks of those who have made me cry.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ballet and Opera Tickets

Firstly, who is interested in being informed of spare opera or ballet tickets? Obviously Wesley people will already be being informed of such things, so this is for church people. Let me know, and I'll text you if there are spare tickets. You can specify ballet or opera. We're also seeing My Fair Lady, which isn't an opera, but is being done by Opera Australia.

And again, you get the wonderful pleasure of spending an evening with me. If you don't like that, console yourself with the thought that I fell asleep at both the most recent operas. (I missed the entire secong half of Carmen!) And you'll also get to meet my secular friends. Son't worry, they are less scary than me. Rebecca met them, and she lived to tell the tale... more or less.

Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Conversation That Should Have Happened

I was at the BTF meeting today, and whilst I was telling everyone about my panpipes (which actually play the notes C,D,E,G,and A in TUNE), I was completely unaware of the bombshell of Joab's comment.

Here is the conversation that should have happened:

J: I commented on your incredibly awesome blog today Sam. It is very awesome. More people should read it. Anyway, I just happened to mention that I wear make-up, such as foundation, and sometimes even blusher and lipstick. Not bright red though. I pretend to be a nice, innocent, well behaved boy, and red lipstick would give it away that really I'm a rotter.

S: You wear WHAT?

J: I like looking pretty. Is that a crime? You and Kallie aren't the only pretty people in our church!

S: You wear WHAT?

J: It's not as though I wear mascara. I can't carry it off. But eyeliner makes me look hot.

S: You wear WHAT? Are you wearing it now? Your complexion looks flawless.

J: Maybe I'm born with it, maybe it's maybeline.

Friday, 25 April 2008

I Need A Life

Does anyone find it slightly sad that I spent 8 hours preparing for a lesson tomorrow. A lesson that will take under an hour to teach.

On the bright side, I made panpipes. As if that aint cool.

Boys and Make-Up

To the prayer meeting, Kallie and I were talking about one of the many blessings of being a girl - ie that we can wear make-up. Make-up is very useful for making it look like I've slept some time in the last month.

So then we started talking about boys, and h ow they clearly can't wear make-up. Kallie said that they could wear eyeliner, but foundation would be a BAD IDEA. "Think about it - especially if they got a five o'clock shadow!"

"We should get one of the boys to wear make-up to church." One of us said.

"Someone completely unexpected."

We had a few ideas on who would be unexpected, and who we might be actually able to convince to wear a nice bright lipstick, but I won't share. It'll just get us into trouble :)

So we got to prayer meeting, and promptly started to search out a victim. We settled on Simone's-brother-Shawn, and promptly asked him what colour he liked. "Purple," he replied. (Well, at least Joab has company there.)

"Would you be willing to wear puple lipstick to church?" Kal asked.

"My sister has a really nice dark purple shade," I added.

"What? No!" he replied.

"What about eyeliner?" Kallie asked.

He looked at us as if we were mental. Although, I suppose we are a bit.

So, do we have any volunteers? And I'd like to point out here, that Joab, my church male readership is down pretty much to you, although Christian and Kien read occasionally. Oh, and Christian has suggested that we have a part three on (y)our car.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Care Group

Those of you who have been reading for a while will remember when Christian made me cry at Care Group by being NICE. (Never be nice, it's doomed to failure around me.)

Well, apparently I am so tired that now Veng is very worried that he's going to make me cry. I had to tell him how unlikely that is:

1. He teases me, he doesn't say nice things that fail to be nice. Teasing by and large won't make me cry.

2. Veng mumbles, and doesn't look at me while he talks. If I understand half of what he says, it's a good night. He knows this, I tell him all the time!

The question remains... who will be the next person to make me cry? I'm betting on either Christian again, or perhaps Dhanny. Although there are a few other people (mostly boys, boys are so much better at making me cry than girls, because girls realise what they are doing and STOP) who might make it.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Another Review

I just finished Foxe's Book of Martyrs. It was a long a difficult read, firstly because it is not altogether heartening to read about people being burnt for 410 pages, but also because the language is that of the 16th century. Which even I don't speak fluently. A word of advice for all who wish to read it - divers means diverse, or more accurately in modern English, various.

But I did like it. Even if I could only read 20 or so pages at a stretch.

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Rebecca just asked me to google baking clay in the oven. The clay we bought states on the package to bake at over 1000 degrees.

"I don't think our oven goes that high!" she said.

Kallie replied, "We could just use the nuclear reactor we have in the backyard."

Dear all

Dear all,
I am not well.
Please give me books.
And chocolate.
And money to buy books and chocolate.
A husband would be nice too, but I understand they are not readily avaiable in shops.
Love me.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Prayer Request

Hi all,
As most of you know, I have a prayer request section on my sidebar. This has been updated to include praying for Caro's dad, who is in hospital with bacterial endocarditis. Treatment is expected to take a month. Please be in prayer.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Back to the 888 Challenge

As most of you will have noticed, I've kind of fallen off with the 888 challenge. I'm still reading an awful lot, mostly kids books, but I've largely stopped reading these. But I've got another two that I have read and so I'm going to give them a quick review.

The Miracle at St Bruno's by Phillipa Carr was awful. (Notice the lack of linking.) I can't believe I used to love this series. My only excuse is that I used to be a highly romantic 15 year old. Now I am a considerably less romantic nearly 24 year old. Which gives you all an idea of how overly romantic I used to be.

Today I read The House in Cornwall. It's by Noel Streatfeild, who wrote such awesome books as Ballet Shoes. This is not her best work, but it certainly is one of the best books in its genre, the rather specific genre that all English writers for children must write in at least once. You know, the children-find-a-foreign-prince-and-rescue-him-from-the-hands-of-an-evil-uncle-and-or-dictator. I thought it was fun.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

WFMW - Sunscreen

Does anyone have difficulty getting the kids to put on sunscreen. I know that lots of kids (that would be LOTS of kids) dislike putting on sunscreen. Here are two quick and easy ways of getting them to put it on!

1. Put glitter in the sunscreen. Girls especially love to be all glittered up, and it pleases them no end to have their own glitter cream which needs to be applied to arms, legs, and face. Indeed, with one kid, the trouble was getting her to not put on too much sunscreen.
2. Dot them. Show them on yourself. I put a dot on the nose, one on each cheek, then across the chin and forehead - "like a red indian". The boys appreciate this. They then rub the sunscreen in so that the cowboys won't know they're a red indian and chase them.

With around 15 kids to sunscreen at a time, this definately Works For Me.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

I am:

Which PPG are you?

So is Rebecca

Kallie is:

Which PPG are you?

We predict that Keith is:

Which PPG are you?

Take the quiz yourself and let me know which one you are!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Frugal Friday: Bookmooch

Those of you who know me will know that I read a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. To put it simply, most people think Rebecca reads a lot and has lots and lots of books. Rebecca was gobsmacked at the amount of books I had. And then I pointed out that they were double stacked - so I actually had twice the amount she thought!

Obviously, books can get expensive. I'm trying to build up my library att he moment, especially in the areas of Christian books, childrens novels and picture story books. So how do I manage to do this?

Simple. I Bookmooch.

Bookmooch works in a similar manner to Paperback Swap, except that Bookmooch is international, whilst PBS is only US. So I can't join PBS.

Basically, you list books that you want to get rid of. For each book you list you get .1 of a point. People request your books. If you send it within your country then you get 1 point, if you send it overseas you get 3. When you get a book you let the sender know you've received it and you get another .1 of a point. You then spend your points! 1 point gets you a book from your country, 2 points a book from another country.

You pay postage on any books you SEND, and the books you receive are completly FREE.

I've probably spend less than $100 on postage, and have gotten 25 books (with more on the way and more points to spend) some of which are difficult to find, out of print, or really expensive (one book I got which was as new would cost nearly $40 alone).

Definitely a saving!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Reader Poll - Who Is More Girly?

As Kallie, Rebecca and I were in the car last Sunday (after church, going to my mum's with lots of boxes of books) Kallie and I started arguing about who was the more girly. I said it was Kal, Kal said it was me.

So we asked Rebecca, who promptly replied that she was girlier than either of us. Which is true, but wasn't what we were arguing about.

So I said I'd conduct a poll on my blog. Please leave a comment writing who you think is more girly out of Kal and me.

In the interests of honesty, Kal shared that she spent years trying to learn how to fake burp.

Also in the interests of honesty, I CAN fake burp.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Opera Tickets Available

Steph is wanting to sell her opera ticket for Carmen. The performance is tomorrow night. Tenny's ticket will also most likely be up for grabs. If you're interested, text me ASAP!

Carmen is a great opera, and what's more, you get to spend the evening with ME!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Blog Functionality

I've added a new section to the sidebar - a section with the links to favourite (much commented upon) posts. This means that newbies can see some of the controversial posts without having to search through everything else.

And I'd just like to say, I like comments!

I Am So Great!

Well, on Saturday I have Beau's 21st. Now, all of you (except Beau) are thinking, "Who's Beau?" because he's not a church friend and he's not a school friend. We had placement at the same school in 2006, which is how we know each other. Anyway, I haven't managed to actually see Beau since the end of 2006.

Anyway, at the party there was a quiz - "how well do you know Beau?". I was expecting to completely bomb out. But you know what, I got 15 1/2 out of 20. It was the highest score! (Family members made up the quiz so they didn't play.)

Again - I am so great!

Scarves For Sale

It's winter time again, and you know what that means? It means I start selling scarves again. Just a reminder, scarves are $10 for a normal one, and $15 for one with pockets. I can make a specific colour etc that you want if I don't have one you like, but it could take a while. Either leave a comment, email me, text me, or speak to me about them.

Rebecca Has Me All Figured Out

After hearing about her comment about spiritual eyes, I then started to want to eat the brownies Kal had made for lunch.

Kal looked at Rebecca and said, "Help, I can't say no to her!"

Rebecca reached into her pocket and pulled out an Easter egg. "Here Sam."

"OOOH," was my reply, and I was promptly absorbed in unwrapping it.

"That's how you handle her when she gets too loud," said Rebecca to Kal, "Give her chocolate. Notice how quiet she is now."

"We're going to have to let her husband know about this," said Kal, "It's useful information."

"Oh believe me, he'll know," I said.

It Was Great From Rebecca

I'm not JG, so I wasn't there at the time, but Kallie told me all about it later. Jason apparently has a scab on his foot in the shape of an eye. As it's on his foot, it looks up. So he jokingly called it his spiritual eye, looking up to the heavens.

Rebecca looked at him, slightly horrified and said, "I hope you don't stand with your spiritual eye around girls wearing skirts!" which nearly killed Veng with laughter.

As Kal said, "It would be funny coming from you or me, but it was 10 times better coming from Rebecca!"

Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Survey Questions That Won't Freak the Boys Out

Sorry boys (mostly Joab, I think he's the only regular male reader of the blog - and you wanted so much to know the first survey question that Kal, Alicia and I came up with) but the first question shall not appear until I have less common sense than I already have.

The second of the questions evolved from Kallie saying she didn't want to get old, she'd rather die young and good looking (incidentally, when I was discussing my pretty list with Joab, he said you were pretty Kal - score one to me. I, on the other hand, am not pretty. Boys! What do they know?). So she was working out a way of dying young and good looking. In the end she decided that murder would be a nice and dramatic way to go.

"Except we need to plan this out right. We need to choose someone spiritually mature so they can go into the jail and start Hope jail."

"We just need to ask people what they would do if they were in jail."

So she asked Keith.

He replied, "Do you want the real answer or the Biblical one?"

"The real one."

"I'd find myself a boyfriend."

Which disturbed both of us.

On the bus, Amy and I were discussing So You Think You Can Dance, with Kal and Joab making snide comments. When Joab made about the worst possible comment he could have, especially after Keith's revelation.

"I think male ballet dancers have the best physique out of anyone."

We all just looked at him in horror.


"Dude, you are so lucky you're Asian and not Aussie," I said.

"Yeah," added Kallie, "Because you see those truck drivers driving next to us. See those glaring looks. They are for you. And if you'd been white they would jump right over and kill you where you stand."

"But they do!" Joab protested.

"So? You're a boy! You don't SAY it!" All us girls said together.

I'm Clearly Working In The Right Place

So, I'm at work, and Millie, one of our new kids, looks at me and asks, "Sam, when are you going to have children?" (Shades of Mikey!)

I reply, "About 9 months after I get married."

"When are you getting married Sam?"

"That, Millie," I reply, "Is a good question."

Later in the sandpit she wanted to know what food I was going to have at my wedding. She was rather pleased with the reply of chocolate.

"Can I come to your wedding?"

"Sure Millie. If you're still here when I get married, I'll invite you to my wedding."

Jonty prompty looked up and said "Can I come too?"

"Absolutely! What kind of wedding would it be without my Jonty monster?"

They then sat together making a wedding cake out of sand. I was assured that it was going to be a delicious chocolate flavour.

The next day, when we went outside to play, you know what they did? They promptly made more wedding cakes for me!

Now all I need is the husband...

Friday, 4 April 2008

Not Obeying Philipians 2:14

I'm feeling particicularly horrible and useless at the moment. Like I'm never managing to get anything done. I was speaking about this to Kallie, and she said, "If you're lazy, what does that make the rest of us? Dead?" But I'm still feeling lazy and useless. I'm not at dancing (I was planning to go, but ended up in tears by 7:00, so phoned and cancelled) and I'm no longer cleaning at Steph's and I'm giving up teaching kinder music at the end of this term. But still... I look at the stuff I'm supposed to have done and I don't seem to be making any progress. Today or ever.

I'm going mental!

Well, the blog is called Sam-Is-MAD!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Firstly, another happy birthday to Joab (who reads this, born 1st April,) and Dhanny (who doesn't, 31st March). And all this talk about birthdays made me remember that I accepted Christ two years ago in the first Sunday of April.

Which is today!