Tuesday, 24 June 2008


If anyone wants to win a complete set of the DVDs that I loved and Kallie said made her want to get married, then Kelly is giving a set away.

The Day Got Better

We found a house in Malvern/Caulfield area that is very good for all of us, especially me and Kal. We had applied, and then I didn't think much more about it.

On the (second) bus home I caught up with Kallie, who told me that we got the house!

Yay! I'm going to save an hour and a half in travel time EVERY DAY.

God is so good!

Monday, 23 June 2008


Today is about the best day ever.

On Saturday my house was being sold at auction. I had heard that it was sold, but not how much it sold for. I learnt this morning. It went for $45000 more than the reserve price. I am very happy. God very much took care of this, we'd tried to sell it privately before and couldn't sell it at a price that would ensure we would make a profit. The price at auction was $75000 MORE than the highest price we had received privately.

Secondly, today is Monday. I love Mondays, they are the easiest day on my job. And at the moment there are 3 Monday kids overseas. And there are four kids sick. And out of those kids, several of them are the more difficult ones to work with. And we have a work experience girl in. This is the greatest day ever!

Saturday, 21 June 2008


So, it was another pick-up stick session. Except that Kal, Amy, Chiann and I were gluing penguins. But still.

And of course we were talking about my DVDs of doom. Also known as Sam's Lovely DVDs that make everyone want to get married and have babies. Because let's face it, I'm obsessive. So we were talking about the other stuff at Vision Forum. I pointed out that they do have a few things that aren't entirely focused on babies. I just haven't bought any.

"Like what?" asked Amy.

I pointed out the lovely song CDs and books. Kallie said, "Yeah, but they are designed to teach your FAMILY to sing in harmony!" (In four parts! Fun!)

"It's like the Von Trapp family," Amy said, joking.

And then I pointed out that the Von Trapp family are alive and well, and producing CDs for Vision Forum.

As if that isn't hilarious!

Kal says she feels sick just looking at it.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Comment Response

To my previous post:

"Although I do think that motherhood could be one of the best things a woman could do, and not want to work, however, the decision of not wanting to work is a bit difficult.

What i meant was that with the rising costs of living and expenses, unless the man did earn enough, and the family could survive on the man's single paycheck, that would be fantastic.

But I guess its hard to say till one is actually married with kids to actually put that notion to the test."

Actually, I don't agree. For a few reasons:

1. Most of the 'second income' goes on taxes (about a 1/3, more in some cases), a lot more goes on childcare, and then you have extra work expenses - clothes, buying food out, transport, ordering food in because you're too tired to cook... etc. Some poeple actually LOSE MONEY by having both adults working - and in some cases that's without child care expenses.

2. We're rich. Really we are. Very few of us have ever really worried about where we will get our next meal. We just don't. I lived on $100 a week for over 6 months, probably closer to a year. It wasn't exactly easy, but it was do-able. And I could have supported someone else with that kind of money, or a little more, because most expenses don't go up per person. In many cases, they go down. (It's a lot easier to cook for two or three as to one.)

3. If you really want something, you'll make sacrifices for it. In the Western world those 'sacrifices' are things like not having a flash car, or in my case, not being able to buy all the books I want. Boo hoo. Most people don't REALLY want to have someone stay home.

The truth is, money isn't the issue. It's the fact that we don't want it enough. We'd rather have our stuff. And if you want the stuff, or you'd rather work because you like the work, that's your business. But don't pretend that that isn't your reason.

(Obviously there are exceptions, but believe me, these are exceptions. You probably aren't it).

I Heart Jonathon

I also heart Kal, Winter, Renee, and Chiann. But mostly I heart Jonathon. He cut about a million pickup sticks, thus saving my hands from becoming a bloody pulp. He's also doing lots of cutting today for me. We cannow have 72 kids come to Born To Fly. We're still short of the faith goal, but we probably will finish by today.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

These People Are My Heroes

I love these people.
- Kallie (times like a billion)
- Shaun
- Winter

Joab, Shaun says you're mean for not coming. And because of you my hands are wrecked forever. It's all your fault. Any other boys reading this, that goes for you too.

Please all come tomorrow. Stop off at the girls house any time after church on Sun, even just for an hour or two. We have enough sticks completely prepared for a whole 13 children. As our faith goal is 300 there is still a little bit of work to be done.

Friday, 13 June 2008


Reprise. Scroll down to the article.
Sex Selection

That's it for now!

I Am Not Comforted

There's Auntie Pansy's farewell from student CGs tonight. I asked at CG if people were going to go, saying, "I don't want to be the only old person there."

"You won't be," said Cass. "Auntie Pansy will be there."

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Calling All Crazy People

Who wants to paint Pick-up sticks?

I'm having a few lovely sessions of fun and painting at the girl's ministry house. Please bring yourselves, and anyone you can con into joining us.

I will provide food. Rebecca and Kal both claim I am a good cook. The food will include my famous hot chocolate. But feel free to bring extra snacks to share.

Sat - 7PM to when we decide to stop
Sun - Approx 3PM onwards (after the ministry expo)

If you are a secular friend, feel free to join us and meet some of my lovely (and not so lovely) church friends. Text me for the address.

See lots of you there!

Be warned, I am serious here...

So, Kal and I and a few others have been talking a lot. More or less what we normally do. In our discussions it has been mentioned by a few people (Kal, Joc, Jonathan, and I think one other person) that I am putting all my ideas of happiness into me being a wife and mother.

In some senses they have a point. But here's me trying to explain my point.

I don't actually expect to be HAPPY as a wife or mother. I'm not expecting to be miserable, but I don't want to be a wife/mum in order to be happy. Happiness is not the point. I am expecting that by and large I will be happier (I am one of those females who really is far happier with a guy and around children) but that isn't the POINT.

The point is meaning.

Being a wife and mother is for me the most MEANINGFUL thing I can do. There is nothing more significant than making someone you love smile. Than making a favourite dinner for no other reason than that you love them. Than reading the same awful story to your kid five times - a night. (I did that for over a year with my youngest brother.) There is nothing more fun than watching a little child grow, and the closer you are to that kid the more precious it is. There's nothing funnier than watching them make faces at each other when they are cross with each other, when you know that they are going to be best buddies in two minutes.

My job now, and all other jobs I've had, just don't have that level of meaning. And I love my job. If I was a career woman, I'd want to do my job forever. But I put in to 'my' kids, only to have them go home and have some of their parents undo all my work. When it comes to those whose parents actually support things like the kids being obedient, that usually gets undone within their first few years at school. People think that by putting into LOTS of children I'm compounding my influence. But I'm not, I'm spreading it around, I'm diluting it. And I'm building up relationships with people (mainly kids) who will disappear rather abruptly, with nothing to show for it. And then there are the regulations - not only no smacking, we even have no time-outs. (I still do them, I just call them calm down times - Mwa ha ha).

With my kids, whether I have my hoped for 20+ or merely 1 or 2, my influence, and that of my husband, will be real. What we put in will actually show fruit.

And THAT'S why I want more than anything to be a stay-at-home-wife and homeschooling-mother

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What I Got Done

- Bible Study
- Wash hair (no longer an arduous task since it's short)
- Listen to 2 audio sermons
- Over to Rebecca's to watch a DVD + knit (in fact, I watched 3 DVDs)
- Shepherding with Amy and Rebecca
- Scrapbooking (birthday cards, kid's artwork)

Partially Done:
- Read play scripts + write MC questions (did one script out of four)
- Paint more pick-up sticks (I need 6000 - Kal did most of the ones that we did. I have no idea how many more we need)
- Listen to 3 CDs (I listened to one)
- 4 different learning stories (I did one - but now I have another one to do, bringing my total back to 4)
- Pray for BTF (not as much as I was planning to)

Not Done:
- Memorise puppetry script
- Plan science activities for kinder
- Accent Planning (only 2 weeks left)
- Cut out penguin rocks
- Shopping to buy plastic boxes, scrapbooking sleeves, and rocks to glue penguins on
- Turn a learning story into a PSB (this wasn't the learning story I did)

Well, I got a bit more than the three things I was predicting done. And I even tidied up my room. If only I had another week or so off, I might actually feel like I have things under control...


Monday, 9 June 2008

My List As Long As My Arm

- Bible Study
- Wash hair (no longer an arduous task since it's short)
- Listen to 2 audio sermons + decorate pick-up sticks
- Over to Rebecca's to watch a DVD + knit
- Shepherding (?) with Amy and Rebecca (scary - two people :P )
- Paint more pick-up sticks (I need 6000)
- Scrapbooking (birthday cards, kid's artwork)
- Listen to 3 CDs
- 4 different learning stories
- Turn a learning story into a PSB
- Read play scripts + write MC questions
- Accent Planning (only 2 weeks left)
- Cut out penguin rocks
- Shopping to buy plastic boxes, scrapbooking sleeves, and rocks to glue penguins on
- Pray for BTF (especially as I can't make the special prayer meeting)
- Memorise puppetry script
- Plan science activities for kinder

Who thinks I'm going to get more than 3 things done?

I'll let you know tonight / tomorrow. Who said anything about having a day off? At least I had a sleep in.

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Adrian wants to make off-set triple-decker bunk-beds. Ones you can roll off of each level onto. I sugested that there be a trundle on the bottom, a trundle with a trampoline. He liked my suggestion.

I saw my dream car. It's a hippie van times 2 1/2. It's so big. You can fit LOTS of kids in there. I want a white one that the kids can paint with water soluable paints, so that when it rains the paint all wears off, and then they get to paint it again.

Rebecca does way too much marking.

I have way too many pick-up sticks to decorate.

Kallie dislikes my new DVDs. They make her want to get married. Mwah-ha-ha. My evil plan is working. Now to show them to the entire church. Come on, if I'm not having babies I at least want lots of other people to be.

Kallie and I figured out why we are single. In a nutshell, it is because we are retarded. She is only 2/3 retarded, I am 100% retarded. She has quiet down. I suck. However, as I told her, we're just doing our bit to ensure that our husbands have to spend LOTS and LOTS of time in prayer. Cause we're that nice.

I have had many conversations with people about the mint chocolates that we are selling. The other chocs have pretty much all gone, and I had 3 boxes. But i HAVE 10+ mint ones left. I keep asking people if they like them. They don't. This is a perfectly understandable reaction, yet at the same time it annoys me. Because I think that the mint is disgusting.

I have a list nearly as long as my arm of stuff to do tomorrow. I expect I shall do NONE of it.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I Was Wrong

You know when I predicted that Veng would never be able to make me cry. I was wrong. He did. He even did it by being MEAN.

Now you would think that because Veng mumbles I would have missed comments about doughnuts and fatness. But no. I just mis-heard them. I heard that the doughnuts were making me fat. And I started crying.

On the bright(?) side (for Veng at least) I had already burst into tears twice that evening. Both for no reason at all. I just started crying.

I'm moody. I have issues.

Friday, 6 June 2008

I Got Kissed On The Mouth By Three Males Today

Well, I DID.

I was tying up Mishu's shoelace, when Ethan and JaeHong came pelting up the ramp. Ethan bent down, grabbed my face, and kissed me. JaeHong promptly followed suit. Not to be outdown, Mishu decided to get in on the action.

I don't think I've been that surprised for a long time! Fatima (the relief teacher that we had this week) thought it was hilarious.

I just want to know why it is that I'm only getting the young men. I would like it if someone over the age of 10 expressed some kind of interest in me. (Actually, let's stick between the ages of 20 and 30 shall we. That would be nice).

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Guest Post: Kallie

What to write? Hmm... Happy belated birthday, Sam! This post will be a reflection of your life from the perspective of someone with distorted views.

When I first saw you, Sam, I thought to myself, "Competition!" Well, not really, but it was strange to see another fair-haired person in church. And it took me a while to befriend you, mostly because I'm shy. I was going to blame it on the fact that you're strange, but honestly strangeness doesn't bother me. It was shyness. Stupid shyness... grr.

And it's funny. For some reason I can talk absolute rubbish with you for hours. There are not many people I know that I can talk about rubbish with, and there is absolutely no one else I feel comfortable talking about girly stuff with(which is even worse than rubbish). You make me boldly profess things that I would normally keep to myself. And now that I think about it... why? Why am I such good friends with you?

We have hardly anything in common. We're almost polar opposites. You're extroverted, I'm introverted. You like children, I like puppies. You let everyone know exactly what your feelings and thoughts are, while I hope that no one notices me. You like Horatio, I like Archie... We don't like the same music, we don't enjoy the same things, we don't even like the same qualities in boys. In fact, the only thing we really share in common is a perverse sense of humour.

You're loud, opinionated, wildly erratic and sometimes outrageous. And your preoccupation with marriage/children freaks me out. But for some reason I admire these traits in you, and I enjoy talking to you very much. You are helping me realise that it's not a crime to like yourself, and I think you've helped me grow in confidence (yeah, there's still a long way to go). Thanks for being such a blessing as a friend!

Anyway I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sam. I also hope that every day God will reveal something new and special to you (and that He provides you with a lovely husband who is 6'4 and wants heaps of kids).

Lots of love, Kallie


On Tuesday, I was running late getting out. I had wanted to put up the BTF poster at work, and I kept on getting distracted. So I got out, and it's foggy, and I ran and ran, and got near to the bus stop only to see my bus sailing away.

I practically CRIED. I was tired, the fog was getting worse, I'd been runnning, and it meant waiting in that horrible fog for half an hour before the next bus. So I complained to God. "I want to go HOME!" I didn't ask for anything, I just whinged (I'm good at that).

And then I saw the most glorious sight. Bus 624. The driver had seen me, had gone around the block, and HAD COME BACK FOR ME.

I got home at my normal time! Praise God!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Prayer Request

I would really appreciate continued prayer for my lungs. They are especially bad at the moment. This is the first winter since I had pneumonia, and winter (especially the foggy weather we are having at the moment) has always effected me adversely. So continued prayer is very much welcomed.

Singing With Kids

As most of you know, I sing pretty much all the time. And as I'm around kids pretty much all the time, they get an awful lot of my songs. Some are kids songs, some are folk songs (mainly Scottish, with a few Irish and Aussie ones mixed in) and some are musical songs.

And the kids really like adapted songs. Songs that they know with different (usually funny) words, or with the names changed to their own name.

But I wasn't expecting church people to find the same songs quite as funny. Turns out you do.

Pity I didn't sing "Kookaburra Ouch!" as my kinders call it (aka kookaburra sits on an electric wire).

And we are very lucky that I don't in fact know a Donald. Because I know a song called Donald Where's Your Troosers, though I often substitute names there, whenever I see a kid without their troosers. And Shaun, I think that I know who our new KFC helper will be. I think it's going to be Charles, because I'm fairly certain he's in year 7, and he's new, which was what Auntie Violet said our new helper would be. So Shaun, be prepared to listen to regular renditions of Charlie is Me Darlin'.

Does anyone else have any good ones? I'm on the hunt for my kinders.


Another I forgot from the BTF prop making session. As some of you will remember, Joab-and-Shaun-and-Jason's house DOESN'T HAVE ANY TEA. So when Anita and I walked over, I made her wait for me to get some tea. Because I was not going without tea for that long.

And I told Shaun that when I got there and made tea. And then I could hear Joab laughing in his room.

So I made tea, for me, Alicia, and Shaun. And Shaun looked at the tea, had a sip, and said, "You know, tea is just flavoured hot water."

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Presents So Far

From Care Group: The Treasury of David (3 books)
From Sean Rimos: A ice-cream tub filled with brownies, and 500g of chocolate.
From Alicia: Roses chocolates and an assortment of tea
From Rebecca: 4 chocolate mudcake cupcakes, 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and 6 Elsie books.
From Kallie: $30 to buy Millie books
From But I think I will have about all of the Millie books. I will just have to get the rest of the Elsie books and all the other ones too.
From Jocelyn: Millie Book number 5.
From Perry: Cupcakes and a chocolate.

And Joab bought me a fundraising chocolate. It was three weeks after my birthday, but hey.

I haven't seen my school friends or my family yet, so I haven't got anything from them. I'm expecting that my school friends will give me some very nice presents, and that my family will have gotten me things that they want to get rid of. It's a family tradition.

I Forgot the Best One

At the prop making for BTF, Alica said, "Do we have a sickle?"
I said, "I have a sickle. Well, my Mum does." I texted her, asking if we could borrow it. She said we could.
"We have a sickle!" I said.
"Cool, bring it over," said Alicia.
"I can't. I'd look a bit funny carrying a sickle on public transport."
Ian (not Ian Song, other Ian) laughed and commented that I should wear a black hood. Incidentally, Rebecca has a black cloak. But it's not all that Grim Reaper-ish.
"Wait," said Joab. "You have a SICKLE?"
"Yes," I said, thinking we'd already been through this.
"A REAL sickle?"
"Yes. You can use it to cut the lawn."
"We can't have a REAL sickle. Someone will get hurt."
"Always people going on about the safety issues. The kids will be fine."
Joab replied, "It's not the kids I'm worried about. It's the adults."
The sickle was vetoed. They are making one, a prop on. Why you would want to make a sickle out of tin foil when you can have a REAL one I don't know. But there you go.