Thursday, 28 February 2013

Somehow, that Doesn't Surprise Me...

So, I was with the three year olds, when Rohan came up to me and told me excitedly, "My birthday's coming up!  It's in July!"

"That's great Rohan!" I said.  "My birthday's coming up too, in June.  That's just a little before yours!"

Alex looked thoughtful, then said very seriously, "My birthday's coming up, in Pluto."

I'm just surprised he's the only kid from another planet.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Race Day Photos


John-Wayne, Mum or Robert (I'm sure you can work out who is who), Dad, me, and Julie.

Robert and John-Wayne.  The buff one in the family, and the skinny one whose training plan involved a detailed diet.

Me and Julie.  I am older, even tough I don't look it.
Interesting notes from seeing these pictures:
- My glasses fall down A LOT.  I need new ones, and should just use these ones for work.
- I'm amazed at how tiny I am.  Not just skinny, though there is that, but short and just all round... tiny.  I always knew that I was small, but this is something else.  Especially when you consider that no one in my family is really large.
I'm running my next race on the 24th, and it's 10km.  Alex has volunteered to run this with me, so hopefully we'll get photos.  It's the River Run Geelong, in case anyone wants to either sign up or rock up and support us.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Holding On

I was at personal training, and was doing some push-ups.  Obviously, being a girl, my upper body strength is not the greatest, and I was doing them on my knees, same as usual.  Natalie (my trainer) decided that it wasn't hard enough, and I needed to do full ones.

Afterwards, she told me I was never allowed to do knee push-ups again.  (which I do, but I try to mix in some full ones too.)

"Next thing, chin-ups!  You won't know what hit you!"

"Oh," I said.  "I can do chin-ups.  I mean, not many.  But I can do 2 or 3."  (which really means 5 or 6.)

"Go on do them."

So I did 6.

Natalie looked at me.  "I can't believe you've been holding out on me with CHIN-UPS."

(And, in mad terror that I will have to do a million of them in future sessions, I am practicing some more, and have since done 10 in a row without falling off the bar!  Yay for Sam!)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

Yes, it's sideways.  Suck it up.  My internet skills suck.
But I got to wear this to WORK (which is where I am in the sideways photo), which is always nice, because I don't like having to wear black.
On an even brighter note... Wesley people will recognise this because it was my year 10 formal dress!  That's right, I brought and wore this dress when I was 16 (bought in China).  I still fit, though it IS tighter around the hips... which is probably a good thing, especially as I only weight 40kg in year 10.

Monday, 11 February 2013

It's True, We're Not

Robert was prepping to go to the park with Evan, aka "Fake Brother".  Robert decided that he wanted to take soft drinks... enough for him, Evan, and all of Evan's family.  Mum objected.

"But Mum, Evan's family is poor."

"We're not rich!" was her reply.

"Yeah we are.  We have way too many houses to be anything else."

"We're assest rich, but income poor.  Lots of farmers have that problem."

Robert paused and looked at her.  "Mum, we're NOT FARMERS."

Friday, 8 February 2013

Cancer Awareness Month

For those of you who don't know, February is Ovarian Cancer awareness month.

In light of this, I thought I'd post a humourous true conversation about this issue, from my recent race!

My whole family were waiting for the race to start.  My brothers started joking about how I was probably thinking about how to trip up all the other competitors (or at least those who were likely to beat me).

I said no, my secret plan was that as this was a fun run to raise money for cancer, I was going to ask for 5 minutes off my time for being a survivor.

"I'd ask for 10 minutes, but given it's for BREAST cancer, I don't think I can swing more than 5..."

John-Wayne laughed.  "Too bad you didn't have cancer."

At which point, everyone in my famil just looked at him.

"Um, I did."

"No way!"

"Ovarian," my mum confirmed.

"Even I know that," added Robert.

"And he wasn't even born at the time," added Julie.

So, ovarian cancer.  Be aware of it!

Seriously, ovarian cancer is called the silent killer, because the symptoms are typically vague and much like those of other diseases.  If you have any concerns, go to your doctor and ge it checked out!  Don't be a dead statistic - be a living one!