Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sam Needs Bookshelves

So, on Sat, Kal and I went to Ikea. It was an ordeal, because Connex sucks big time. I bought (among other things) two bookshelfs, one 80x202, the other 40x202. Both with 6 shelves.

Then on Sun Reb took me to pick up some boxes of books from my Mum's house.

Now I need more bookshelves. Lots more bookshelves.

Please, if anyone has any bookshelves they don't want, PLEASE give them to me. Otherwise, Kal and I will have to go BACK to Ikea, and set up more bookshelves. And you've no idea how many innuendos Kal and I can come up with when a stor names their furniture...

Sam Is A Hero

Stuff part 2:

I am a hero. That's right. I am so awesome. I am a hero. Fiona always said I was James Bond.

The backdrop:

My kids like to make whistling sounds. The problem is, when you're four whistling is not easy. So you find something that makes the whistling sound for you. Something like a whistle... or a drink bottle lid.

And of course, Tia inhaled the drink bottle lid. And was choking. She started to go purple. It's not a good colour. I yelled to Zoe to go get Maggie, and Zoe asked, "Why?" I then yelled to Mishu to go get Maggie. Mishu looked at me and immediately obeyed. Maggie was slower. I flipped Tia and whacked her back until it came up. It was all over before any other teachers were even in the play-ground.

That's right, I'm awesome. And pop-top lids are BANNED.

The Night of Awesomeness

No, I'm not dead. I've been busy. Doing... stuff. Really I have!

So, stuff part one outlined:

Not Australia Day Sunday (NOT Chinese New Year Sunday, Australia Day, because I am AUSTRALIAN (sort of) and not Chinese and so you better wish me a happy Australia Day and not Happy New Year) but the Sunday BEFORE that, we went dancing.

Well, before that I went out to see Steph, T, Claire, Winnie and Alan. And before that I went to church. And these things were both very nice, but not very blogsworthy. I got several invites to go swing dancing. On the third invite, I went.

It was AWESOME. I bought the band's CD. Kal and I danced together like retards, Alicia danced beautifully, Jean-Marc danced well, Adrian danced very well, but not as well as Alicia.

Then, we went home.

You think the story ends there! Ha! You are WRONG!

Kal and I were on the train back, and there was this guy, who was more than moderately good-looking. A bit young for us (around 20-22) but good looking. And then the train stopped, and a lady got on, barged her way to some seats, so that she wouldn't have to sit next to two other people who were getting on - an elderly Chinese couple. The man sat down next to an Indian man, but the lady sat down next to the lady, who was very obviously taking up seats so she wouldn't have to sit next to them. The lady jumped up, made a racist remark, and the good looking boy came to the defence of the Chinese lady. Racist lady went off at good looking boy, several times, Ticket Inspecters (who have done nothing to stop racist lady) start to ask the good looking boy to move to the next carriage. Where upon everyone else in the carriage jumped to his defence. The ticket inspecters moved racist lady to the next carriage, where she began to phone her friends tomar the wonderful creation that was the good looking boy. Ticket inspecters still oblivious. They were alerted to this, and then they stopped her.

It was an eventful night.

Kal and I are taking up swing dancing. What are the odds that good looking boy will be there...?

Friday, 16 January 2009

Random CatchUps

I made a conquest. On the second day a new girl called Joanna came in, her mum told me that Joanna said I was her favourite teacher - ever. She's been here two weeks, and she still loves me.

Kal and I are not the only ones with untoward plans for Joab's car. However, Joab actually LENT his car to Keith. Keith turned up at church and dangled the keys in front of me and said, "I've got Joab's car. Do you want me to teach you how to do burnouts?"

Kal's maternal instincts have finally kicked in. She was playing Sims, and she had a Sims baby with black hair and blue eyes. We are now looking for a black haired blue eyed man so that Kal can have said baby.

Kal, Reb and I started to watch the movie Stardust. About 5 minutes in, Kal said, "I know how this is going to end." And she left. Which was silly, because she missed the cross-dressing pirate. But three-quarters of the way through the movie, Reb suddenly says, "Oh! I get it! His mum was THE princess!" (I already knew the plot - I had read the book. The movie was better, which is a rare occurance).

My new team leader has decided to feed me up. I like this idea.

That's about it. My reading is more or less back to normal, which is very, very sad.

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. The truth is, I've been reading. You thought I read before. Ha! I pity such reading!

On Monday I read two books.
On Tuesday I read three.
Wednesday, another three.
Thursday, another three.
Friday, only two. But I read several chapters of another book, which was awful and I decided not to finish it. This meant that I didn't HAVE another book to read, because I'd already finished the other one I brought with me.
Today, I read three. And I'm a fifth of the way through another. I'm expecting to finish it.

So, 16 books so far this week. And another day to go.

I have done a few other bits and pieces. I listened to a few lectures on the history of the world. I've made some more progress on the toy lion I'm knitting. I listened to three audio sermons. I even went to work, TWCG, and caught up with Wesley friends (hence the 'only' two books on Monday).

I am on a roll. I am reluctant to pause for blogging, especially as funny stuff is not really happening at the moment. I'm too busy reading.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

We Were Actually Nice Here...

well, we culd have given FAR worse answers.

These are Joab's answers for the Music Meme, because he is, in his own words, lazy, unliterary and unmusical.

1. What is your favourite song?
I’ve got the joy joy joy deep down in my heart. Joab has sucky taste in music.

2. Favourite artist / group?
Hillsong. See question 1 for the reason.

3. What is your fav. Beatles song?
Strawberry Fields. So he can sing it and then point out that Sam can’t eat strawberries.

4. What song do you detest?
Anything with meaningful lyrics and a non-cliché melody that deviates from the structure of verse 1 verse 2 chorus verse 3 bridge chorus x 2.

5. What song encapsulates your teenage years?
The Singapore National Anthem.

6. What song do you want to dance to / have sung at your wedding?
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies.

7. What did you most recently listen to?

8. What odd instrument do you play / want to play?
Tambourine with dance movements.

9. Last musical event / concert you went to?

10. What do you want played at your funeral?
Amazing Grace.

11. Your 'social conscience' song?
Christians from Singapore don’t have social consciences. We have too much money.

12. What song sums you up? Why?
Jesus I am so in love with you (Joab, you should thank us for being thoughtful and nice about this selection).

Wow! Nearly all Joab’s stuff is Hillsong and Christian POP! That is because Christian Pop is awful and puts people in straightjackets! My Mom was in a straightjacket once. She was tied to a bed in a straightjacket! She said it wasn’t a good experience. I need my meds or else they’ll put me in a straightjacket!

Enid Blyton Meme

Because you are all slackers I'm going to keep making up memes until lots of you all do them. Movie meme to follow by-and-by, and so will other ones as I think of them. Answer the memes or you shall suffer immensely.

1. What Enid Blyton book was your favourite?
The Secret Island. (The first in the 'Secret' series) Or Those Dreadful Children.

2. Who was your favourite Enid Blyton character?
Bets from the Five Find Outers. She's afraid of everything, is made fun of by all the others (except Fatty), but ALWAYS saves the day in the end.

3. What do you think of the various spin offs, and have you read any?The Famous Five spin offs suck. I read one and hated it. The TV show sucked too. I haven't read the St Clares spin offs (which are the 'missing years' books) but would like to by and by. I haven't read the Wishing Chair spin off (I think there's only one to date) but my sister has, and said it was really good. I HAVE read the Naughtiest Girl spin offs and I really like them. In fact, I just read one, hence the theme of this meme.

4. What is your opinion on the Noddy and Big-Ears contraversy, and about the other characters in Toyland?
They share a BED. And Big-Ears found Noddy wandering around without any clothes on. Need I say more? However, as a kid I never noticed this. In fact, I'm kinda oblivious, so I didn't notice even when I re-read them as a teenager. Until I found out about the contraversy, where-upon I laughed and laughed.

5. Which school story series was your favourite?
The St Clares series. There were TWINS. And no boys, which I found a draw-back for the Naughtiest Girl series. And the school wasn't run on communist lines. (The drawback to the Naughtiest Girl series.)

6. Which adventure / mystery series was your favourite?
The Five Find-Outers. Come ON! As if you can go past Fatty's costumes, or the secret ink, or any such things, or the fact that little timid Bets always ends up being the hero.

7. Who is your favourite author in the Enid Blyton style?
Antonia Forest, of the 'Term' series.

8. What kind of food in Enid Blyton style would you happily eat?
A moonlight picnic by a swimming pool. (From Claudine at St Clares, I THINK, but it might be the 4th or 5th Malory Towers book.) Of course, I don't actually like to swim, and swimming at night in dangerous, and swimming with food is probably not a good mix anyway. But who cares?

That and the strawberries. And if I was at St Clares or Malory Towers, then Joab would not be able to take them away from me! ;P

9. Which series would you rather live in? The Wishing Chair or The Enchanted Forest?
Enchanted Forest. There is a SLIDE in the TREE. That is like, my childhood ambition. To have a tree to the sky with a slide in it.

10. Favourite animal?
The monkeys. I want a pet monkey. Reb says I'm not allowed one. My mum said the same thing...

Saturday, 3 January 2009

My Hair Ties Match Now

The children love to do my hair. They love to mess it up, style it, and to steal my hair ties and use them for a variety of things. (I've actually found one covered with playdough - I binned it).

The result is that I lost nearly all my hair ties. And then I wore my hair in two plaits to church. And Joab noticed and pointed it out.

So, when Kal and I were buying groceries I bought new ones. I said that I HAD to have new ones, because at church someone had notice that my hair ties matched neither each other, nor my clothes.

Kal said, "Really, what kind of loser notices hair ties?"

I gave her the 'did you even have to ask' look. She immediately knew, and laughed.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Reb is funny

Reb wants us all to go and see a movie. She was pushing for Bedtime Stories, which stars Adam Sandler. I commented that I was not going to any movie starring someone who has that degree of acting talent.

"Aw," said Kal, "There goes the Adam Sandler fan magazine subscription I was going to give you."

"Give it to Reb," said I, "Although then she'll have two, along with the Kevin Costner fan mag I'm getting her."

"You're getting me a Kevin Costner magazine?!"

"No," said I.


She was really disappointed.

Sam and Kal Plan Sam's Wedding

All the talk / thoughts about weddings has led to discussion of What Went Wrong and What Is Likely To Go Wrong. In Cors' wedding What Went Wrong was clearly the seating of the guests. I mean, boys do not in fact have boy germs, in spite of what grade twos and threes say.

So, Kal and I have decided to plan my wedding to avoid such things. And more to the point, to ensure maximum couple get togethers.

All people will have a dance card.
All boys will get a piece of paper with their dance card stating the following:

Dear Male Guest,
You may receive your meal once you have danced at least three dances with at least three different girls. Your dance card must be validated by an appropriate official.
Excemptions granted only if
1. You have a medical certificate or
2. You are already attached, in which case you must dance a minimum of three dances with your wife / girlfriend.
3. You dance 6 dances including once slow dance with the one girl.
Enjoy the wedding.