Saturday, 28 May 2011


Shaun gave Kal, me, and Charlie (who lives kinda near us) a lift back from prayer on Tuesday. I couldn't believe that he hadn't heard pretty much all of the songs on my CD - the boy lived in Scotland!

Which led to the Portarlington Celtic Festival coming up.

Which led to Haggis.

Which is disgusting.

Shaun tried to convince me (a vegetarian!) to bring him back some haggis.

I told him he was welcome to come up and use my mum's ticket (because she probably won't actually go), but I AM NOT BRINGING HAGGIS BACK IN MY LUGGAGE.

Haggis. Disgusting!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Random Funnies From the Life of Sam

Michelle clearly hasn't been around modern toys
I was going with Michelle to Koorong for the church bookstall. I get to go because I buy over half the books we sell. Anyways, a song about money came on. Michelle said that she wouldn't mind having some more money.

"Me either. Then I could buy an orphan."

"You can't just buy orphans Sam."

"Why not?"

"They are not toys."

Me pretending to be confused: "But... aren't all people toys?"

"No. Some people are annoying.

Finally, there is someone at church buffer than me
I was helping with the pack up after church, and carried one of the tables to the trailer. Then Dhany told me that I shouldn't be carrying things like that because they are too heavy. I told him it wasn't that heavy, I can carry lots because I am white and white people have more muscles than Asians. I then gestured to all of the boys who were helping pack up - pretty much proving my point.

Dhany then said, "You know what we could do? We could get two Asian guys to carry something. And then we could get Leon to carry them."

Well, both those people groups are in Africa...I was upstairs in the staffroom at work, when Georgie asked me what my CD was, and was for. I told her all about it. (They are now selling for $10.)

She looked at me and said, "You should become a mercanary."

I laughed. What can I say. Us white people are scary, what with our big muscles and all.

"Oh wait," she said. "I meant a missionary. They're different."