Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Drs Update

So, I went to the Drs on Thurs, officially for a blood test but in practise to tell the dr that he doesn't know what he's doing because I am still waking up far too much during the night unable to breathe. He listened to my prepared list of symptoms and then said, "You're sick."


He sent me off to a specialist, which I saw on Mon. He rocked up 4 minutes late. Then he read the letter from my GP, and read that I have uncontrollable asthma. He looked up, and said, "I don't think so."

He asked a bunch of questions, and then said that I have 3 problems. I was not haapy to begin with. I mean, who wants 3 things instead of 1?

I have:

- Asthma
- Nasal / sinus infection, which has lasted since having pneumonia 2 years ago.
- Lots and LOTS of allergies

The sinus is the reason why I wake up. Because my nose is so completely blocked I literally stop breathing at night and wake up. The ventolin wasn't hugely helping because it wasn't fixing what the problem actually IS.

Turns out I'm also allergic to dairy. Not the lactose in dairy, but the casein. It causes me to go massively into overdrive with producing mucus. Which was the cause of the persistant cough, plus meant that the sinus got worse and worse.

I'm also allergic to "three or four other things, possibly more," and I've had a full blood allergy test to find out what they are.

I was then given new meds - milder ones for my asthma, and meds for my nose. Result - the two past nights I've had the best nights sleep in more than two years. Only woke up once each night.

On the dairy front, this means COMPLETE ABSTINANCE. I'm not even allowed to eat MARGARINE. Only Nuttelex. Just broke the rules for the first time (only a lemon meringue, I thought it'd be ok), and am regretting it. Muccusy and gross.

So I can't eat
- Milk
- Cheese (sob)
- Yoghurt
- Buttermilk
- Butter
- Margarine
- Chocolate (sob)
- Cream
- And all things good

Work is predicting that I'm going to also be allergic to wheat, gluten (they are NOT identical), peanuts and fructose. Because then I will be able to eat lettuce, and that's about it.

So, my dietry requirements as of the moment:
- No dairy
- No fried foods
- No strawberries
- No ginger
- Limited spices
- Vegetarian
- No soy
- No rice grains (flour okay)

Sam likes new dr. New dr makes Sam all better. Even if she can't have cheese loverr's pizza followed by chocolate mousse.

Friday, 23 October 2009

We Need To Start Again

Last night, Kal and I decided the reason why we aren't attached to all proper degrees is because we are judgemental and mean. We decided that we need to stop being judgemental and mean in order to get ourselves some good looking boys with PR. Actually, I don't care about PR, but someone else does.

Then I went and was judgemental and mean in praying not to be judgemental and mean. Then I judgementally and meanly tore down a poster at the uni. It was judgemental and mean of me, but there is one less poster inviting Arts Students with nothing better to do to go to a rally for people who don't live the way God wants them to. Hmm, judgemental and mean to Art Students, and the communities of people who don't live the way God wants them to.

We were all good in CG. No judgementalness or meanness. It might be because we watched a DVD.

This morning however, we were judgemental and mean to:
- 4 girls
- 5 boys
- Multiple assorted randoms we haven't met but who are siblings to those we have

In the 10 minutes I was up before Kal left the house. I'd post names, but that would be judgemental and mean of me. I will however point out Joab was one of them. He is our univeral whipping boy. Except that is judgemental and mean. So now we have to stop.

Hmm, this post is judgemental and mean. I think I have to start again...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

God Bless Dhanny

So, I'm at church, and I'm standing chatting to Kallie, who's on reception. Dhanny comes in, and says Hi. And then,

"You look really fresh today Sam."

"It's called make-up."

Dhanny looked at me closely. "No way, you're not wearing make-up!"

"Sure I am. Foundation, concealer, curled eye-lashes, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and pink shimmer dust."

Dhanny looked slightly scared at this list, then looked at me closely again.

"Are you sure? I thought you just looked like that."

Gotta love him!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Princess and Superhero Day

Last week at church we had Princess and Superhero day. Apparently there was a messege there, but the main point is we got to dress up.

Me as Lady Jane Grey. Joab then spent lunchtime trying to finding Queen Mary so that she could chop off my head.


Amy as a Warrior Princess

Rimos as an Incredible

Gen as Pocahontas

Ian and Faun. I'm sure I'd know what/who Ian is if I knew about superheroes, but I don't, so I don't. Faun is Incredible - well, she puts up with Ian, so that should go without saying.

Everyone loved my costume, that's because I was awesome. Random people who I don't know took photos with me. What can I say? I'm awesome!