Monday, 31 May 2010

Don't Panic Steph!

DON'T PANIC. I am going to the Drs tomorrow!

Why? I just coughed up blood. And yes, me blogging about it does make me like that celebrity who blogged as her house was being robbed.

So I am going to the drs tomorrow, even though it is my birthday.

What a sucky birthday present. I bet it was all my jokes about getting pneumonia so that I would get engaged.

Where's my man? If I'm going to cough up blood I want at least a boyfriend from this!

This would explain general malaise, tiredness, low fever symptoms, and being even more grumpy and depressed than usual.

Stupid body.

Where's my boy? This is not fair.

Drs are not my favourite. Hopefully I get out of more work.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Brown Girl

This is my first drawing after lesson 2.

More drawings later, but I'm going to start on lesson 3.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Best Sentence Ever

Hanging up the phone, I realized that I just agreed to adopt a baby without discussing it with my husband. Oops.

From this post at Baker's Dozen.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Oh No, I Taught Maryam to Swear

Several of you have heard about Maryam, one of my work collegues. In case you don't know, or have forgotten, she's a very sweet, shy, Iranian Muslim lady who has been interested in Jesus.

Well, Jenna was talking to Maryam, explaining an assignment that she had to do. She had to get a box of random bits and pieces and see what the children would make of it.

"Oh yes, I understand," said Maryam. "Bits of, bits of c-r-a-p."

"Maryam!" Jenna said. "Where did you learn that word?"

"Oh, Sam use it sometimes. It means little bits of things not really useful, but maybe useful."

Jenna then explained to her that in other contexts, c-r-a-p was not a good word, and was in fact, a swear word.

She then told me about it. "The funny thing was, that was the exact word I was thinking, but was trying not to use!"

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010

My Hair Is Exactly the Same

Last Sunday, Shaun came up to me with a glare on his face. "You've done a grave, grave thing," he said.

"What?" I said, completely confused.

"You CUT your HAIR."

"I didn't." Shaun looked sceptical. "Really I didn't." It took a bit of convincing, but I think he ended up convinced that I hadn't cut my hair BECAUSE I HADN'T.

Tuesday, and Ilanit, one of our regular relievers, was in. "Oh, Sam, look at your hair! Did you cut it? It looks nice!"

"No, I did not cut it, but thanks."

Wednesday, and Maryam looked at me strangely. "Is your hair different?"

"No, it is exactly the same as it was yesterday, and all the days before that."

"You didn't colour it?"

"No, I've never coloured my hair."

Ilanit joined in, saying how I looked really different, very nice. They then started talking about all the different things they thought I had done to my hair. I tried to tell them that I'd done nothing, but to no avail. Not until Alethea joined in and said, "She hasn't done anything to her hair, she's in love." Which at least sent the conversation in a whole new direction.

Friday, and I was sitting in the staffroom, and Simone looked at me. "Is your hair different?"

"No, it isn't. But everyone keeps asking me that."

"Hmm, that's strange. It looks different. It suits you."

Saturday evening, and I was out with friends for Winnie's party. Adam and Hoang came to pick me up. Adam looked at me and asked, "Have you straightened your hair or something?"

"Adam, I was BORN with STRAIGHT HAIR. I have not done anything to my hair."

"It looks good, whatever you did to it."

"I didn't do anything to it, Apparently it's because I'm in love."

"Is it with me?"


"Oh well. Your hair looks nice anyway."

Sleepy Sam

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Faith of a Child

Sorry for the lack of actual blogging, rather than just the posting of my recent drawings. Not so much has happened lately; I've only really got two stories to share. So here's one of them:

I was in the 4yo kinder, and we were talking. No one talks like a four year old. They just don't. And someone asked me when I was going to have a baby.

Sasha jumped in, and said, "She's not, because she isn't MARRIED."

"That's right," I confirmed.

This only brought on a new question, this time from Sasha. "So Sam, when are you going to get married?"

"Don't know." I said. "But if I get married this year, you can be my flower girl. So pray hard for me to get married."

Sasha instantly stopped what she was doing and closed her eyes. About 30 seconds later she opened them.

"I want to wear pink," she said

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Me Back In the Old Days

Actually, almost any drawing of me as a petit doll has long hair.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Auntie Nikki

We had the trivia night on Saturday. It was me, Kal, my dad, my sister, and Uncle Don and Auntie Nikki. Uncle Don and Auntie Nikki are not blood relations, they are what I term "Chinese Aunties". All the same, Auntie Nikki and my sister are basically the same person. Julie showed Auntie Nikki a photo of her snake. Auntie Nikki looked at Uncle Don and he said, "You're NOT having one." Julie said that Mum had said the same thing. Then they started talking about Auntie Nikki's dogs.

Anyways, the trivia started, and I came into my own with the quotations category. I know no pop culture, but if you want to know what some dead person said, I can tell you. One of the quotes was, "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword." So I wrote Jesus. Because Jesus said it.

Dad was not convinced. "It's Cyrano de Bergerac."

"Not unless he's quoting Jesus." I said.

"I think it's Cyrano de Bergerac."

"Well, I think it's Jesus." (Incidentally, I was, and am, right.)

Auntie Nikki looked at the paper and said, "You know, I really don't think the answer is Jesus."

Dad said, "Well, Sam does, and she's a good Christian girl who reads her Bible every day, so we're going with her."

Auntie Nikki looked puzzled and said, "But I didn't know they had swords then."

Reaching Out

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Green Girl

When I did this picture I really liked it. This is one of the last of my pre-lesson drawings. I get much better very quickly, so I'll start posting some of them soon. I've just completed lesson 2.

Friday, 14 May 2010

General Ramblings

I'm at home today. Feeling sick. 4 days off in under two weeks, each feeling like I'm going to vomit. Changing dirty nappies when you feel like you're going to be sick is not a great idea, so I went home on the Monday last week, and yesterday, and then both times took the day afterwards. On the bright side, I feel ok as long as I don't move around too much. So just taking it easy at home, doing some artwork, some knitting, some reading, and other bits and pieces that build up over time. What with being sick for so many days I'm actually catching up. It almost makes me want to take leave so I can catch up completely. Except I'm not allowed to take leave until Rochelle gets back, and I want to save up my leave so I can either take a proper holiday, or get lots of cash to pay for adoption fees or a wedding, whichever comes first.

Stephen sold me and Kal vitamins last night. Yay for vitamins. I'll have to actually take them - haven't yet. Waiting until I feel like eating more than 1/4 of a bowl of porridge, because you should never take vitamins on an empty stomach.

My drawings are causing Kal to speculate as to who I like. And no, it isn't who everyone thinks it is. Except that Kal now knows. So there. Everyone else is wrong. If you're not from church, feel free to phone me to talk (read, gossip) about it. If you are from church, then my mouth is shut.

Speaking of which, there are way too many boys who like Kallie and I. It's funny. None of them are doing anything. Kallie is extremely relieved. She has offered to swap her admirers for mine. Nothing doing. Her admirers are atrocious. We actually call one of them Creepy Boy. That's how much we like him. Mine are all nice, normal boys, who may or may not have a chance with me. That said, anyone has a better chance with me than Creepy Boy. He's creepy.

Half night prayer tonight. Will be interesting. Combining with other centres is always interesting. Lots of cross-centre couples. This gives Sam lots of spying opportunities. Mwa-ha-ha!

Work is ok at the moment. Getting busier, which is not great, because I am too lazy. Extra lazy at the moment, as under the weather. I shall have a nap later in preperation for the prayer meeting.

No, Steph, we do not stay home when we are sick. We go to church so that people can pray for us. I'm not contagious, but other people have come into church contagious. Joab is a terrible offender with this. The boy once came to church with the flu. I was not impressed. People with the flu need to die quietly at home and not around me.

I have CPR and epi-pen training tomorrow. And the Trivia Night. If anyone wants to come, just let me know. Last I heard we're still looking for two more people. I'm going to be a wreck by Monday.

I need groceries. I was holding out til pay-day (last night) and now I have no food in my cupboards. It makes me sad. I shall buy dairy-free chocolate, and then I shall be happy.

Carpets will be cleaned tomorrow. YAY!

Potential new housemate. Christian girl called Wen. This lead to interesting conversations with Stephen as to how to pronounce her name. He said that we were pronoucing it as When. I said, no, just because you pronounce When as Wen doesn't mean that her name becomes not-Wen. He was technically right about the pronouciation of her name, which is Chinese. I am right about the pronouciation of When. And afterwards I annoyed him by calling him Stephen Tan rather than Stephen Tahn, which is apparently how it is pronounced.

Wen is nice. I like her. She is a real librarian. Not like the Rebel, who just looked like a librarian. She asked what would make us not like her. I told her not to insult me, and to do her own dishes. She asked if she told me my hair looked bad would that be considered insulting. I said no, but saying that I was too insane to get a boyfriend would be.

Wen also took the fact that I want 20 children in her stride. Lisa, who helped Stephen sell us vitamins, nearly choked. That's the best reaction. I occasionally think about upping the numbers, just so I can get it more often. But I already scare away enough boys with the 20, so I guess it will stay like that.

Desperado's family are attempting to move from our garden to our house. I HATE MICE. I need a hero who can save me, like Stephen saved Kallie from the cockroach.

Kallie doesn't mind mice, not compared to cockroaches, which are doom to her. I tell her to wait until the mice and the cockroaches breed. Then there will be little furry cockroaches that poo everywhere. I will have a breakdown.

My sister is giving us snake skins to get rid of the mice. No mice in my house. Not with snake skins. Yes, my sister has a snake. Mum finally caved.

Off to get groceries. Hope you all enjoyed my random rambling.

Will post more artwork later. Promise.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Kilmeny of the Orchard

This is my favourite pre-lesson drawing. I've got a few more to post, then I'll start on my awesome post-lesson drawings.

I Stalk Shaun Over the Internets

As some of you may remember from an earlier post, poor Shaun wasn't on my photo frame. Well, obviously that's not okay, so I decided to stalk him so that I could have a photo of him to show all the kiddos.

That's right, I'm a stalker.

Actually, photos of people from our church are very easy to come by, even when you don't have facebook. Antonius has a photo site. That's where I got my picture.

So I was showing the kids my new pictures, I said, "This is my friend Shaun. I had to stalk him over the internet to get a picture of him where he wasn't dressed as an Incredible."

Maddie, who used to think Shaun was the best, was very disappointed that he wasn't dressed as an Incredible. "Yeah, well my Mummy stalks people on the internet all the time," she told me, unimpressed.

I was then showing the kids on my room (okay, I was being mauled until I did), so I said how I used to only have a photo of him dressed as an Incredible..."

Lucy (staff member, not kid) looked up from half-way across the room. "As an Incredible."

"Red lycra tights and all."

With that, Hunter (a kid) ran over, took a look at the picture frame, said, "He looks good," and ran off.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Away Soon

I'm not holding any kind of birthday celebration. I've had way too many things on to arrange one, and I'm away the weekend after (in Port Arlington, for the Celtic festival).

So for people who want to give me presents (hopefully lots and lots of people - Sam loves presents) be aware that I am away for the long weekend.

If anyone wants to experience the awesomeness of my family and the actual awesomeness of Celtic culture then let me know via comment, email, or text, and I'll arrange.

UPDATE: Wrong weekend. I'm away for the Queen's Birthday weekend, which is th 12th to the 14th of June.

Friends at the Wedding

Elena tries to look dodgy, and almost suceeds. Good thing for her she really is dodgy.

Stephen. For once he isn't wearing a waistcoat.

Alicia is blurry. Be assured that she isn't as blurry in real life.

Kallie hides behind her program. I think she looks quite fetching. I also think she's going to kill me.

Hey, there is a picture of me not wearing my jacket! I look better in the drawing. There are a few other photos of me sans-jacket floating about. Shaun took one, and Allan did. Kallie has some artsy pics of me wearing the jacket, which I expect Desperado will upload.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Wedding Photos

They sing to each other.

Dhany and Cassandra share. Predictions as to the next wedding anyone...

Kelvin and Eliada share.

Ps Ian does his thing

Vows are made...

And finally they kiss...

Photos of people who aren't living in a state of wedded bliss are to come!

Photos From Chiann & Anton's Wedding - The Wedding Proper - Part 1

Anton Waits

The Groomsmen

The Bride Enters...

And more later...

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Drawing Chiann & Anton's Wedding

Before I post all my photos and blog about Chiann and Anton's wedding, I thought I'd show you all my drawings from it. There are just two.

This is Chiann and Anton. They are feeling each others' arms. Mostly it is because I don't like to draw hands.

This is me in my awesome dress. Mostly I'm posting this one because it was too cold for anyone to see my dress. Except I occasionally took off my jacket for photos. And no, I am not that skinny in real life.

I'll post real pictures later.

Friday, 7 May 2010

I finally get it!

I was always wondering why Yoko was sitting knitting blindolded in the background. People were always like, "What the heck is Yoko doing?" And people replied to the effect of, "Who knows? They're awesome but weirdos."

I get it!

It's a reference to the fates from Greek mythology!

I feel so smart.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Work Funnies

From Maryam
I finally brought in my family photo. It is minus my brother John-Wayne, but other than that, it's complete. I was showing Maryam. "Wow, Sam! You are very pretty! Oh, you're brother [Robert] looks a lot like you. Wow, your mother is very fat. Maybe you will be very fat too after you have children."

From Nicole
Nicole is going to America for 4 months. She is awesome in the Toddler room, and so I am sad she is going.
"Don't worry, I'll be back in 4 months."
"You know, I may be gone by then. I may be married with a kid on the way."
"I hope not."
"I'm sorry, but it'd be sad working here without you. So at least wait until I get back."

From Alethea
Alethea was sick for the last two weeks. She had pneumonia. She cam back on Monday with a massive rock on her finger. That's right, the girl got engaged.
"Yeah, my boyfriend thought I was going to die, so he was like, "I need to get a hold of her!""
"You know, I had pneumonia, and I did not get proposed to."
"Did you have a boyfriend?"
"That's where you went wrong."

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Fairy Sleeps

I'm about to sign up for the Petit Dolls class. Anyone care to do it with me?

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Chickadees Get Religious

It's interesting working in childcare. There are so many different kids, and they are so honest about everything. And the awesome thing is that so many of them have such a great faith.

Sophie was sitting down with several other children and a staff member, reading a book. All of the sudden, she pumped her fist into the air. "Jesus lives!" she shouted.

Sasha's birthday is in May. She is having a birthday party (apparently she is going to invite me). She has asked for a Jesus cake. Apparently the baker can in fact make this for her. She told me it's because she really loves Jesus, so He gets to be part of her birthday party.

Ingrid was eating dinner (with her family, at home) when she said in an accusatory tone, "Mum, why didn't you take me to church today?"

"Because it's Tuesday..." said her Mum.

"You never take me to church!"

"I did! On Sunday."

"We should go more often. Can we go tomorrow?"

Ingrid also says grace before all meals, including now at work. She sings, ala nun style, "Thank-you-Lord-for-this-food, A-a-a-MEN!"

And from my memories, Ella (Sophie's big sister) used to preach to the other kids. She actually stood on her chair at lunchtime and told them all that Matthew 52:16 said that Jesus loved them, and that they needed to love Jesus, and ask Jesus to live in their hearts.

And if you want to re-read any old posts about similar awesome things my Chickadees have said, click on some of these links:
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