Tuesday, 31 July 2007


I won!

I won!

I won!

I won a lovely book from Sisterhood of Scrap. I won this book!

How cool is that!

Monday, 23 July 2007


I'm teaching again, three days this week. So blogging might be a bit sporadic. Not that it wasn't already...

But I still have heaps of photos and funny stories about Born To Fly, Family Fun Day, our care group sleepover, and other stuff!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Sometimes, I'm funny

Back when I was staying at my mum's with my spider bite, I had this conversation with her. It was Wednesday morning, and I had been there for 5 days with 1 1/2 days of stuff to do, and I was desperate to go home.

Mum: Time to get up
Me: 5 more minutes.
(five minutes later) Mum: Time to get up.
Me: 5 more minutes.
Mum: IF you're that sick you shouldn't go home today.
Me: I'm not sick, I'm TIRED!
Mum: Well, why are you so tired?
Me: Because I stayed up until 2:30AM
Mum: Why did you do that?!
Me: I wanted to watch the end of the movie.
Mum: The movie doesn't go on that long.
Me: It does when you watch the sequel.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Arck! The Clowns Are Attacking!

Most of the time I don't dream. If I do dream then it usually means I am sleep dreprived or someone is playing a violent computer game in the same room.

So, recently I had three dreams. Two of them involved clowns (the cause was sleep deprivation).

In the first one, the clowns had taken over. Chiann was one of these evil clowns. These evil clowns had kidnapped (clownnapped?) Rebecca and were holding her in their clown headquarters. So I had to dress up as a clown and sneak into the clown headquarters. I had a bottle of wine for the head clown, and the bottle of wine had a card to go with it. The card read, "Ha ha ha I got her out."

The second dream was a 'normal' one. I dreamt I was asleep in my sleeping bag (as indeed I was) when Elaine came out of her room and shouted, "Quick! We have to get this house cleaned up in TWO MINUTES!" I sat up, said "Okay! Okay!" then promptly fell back asleep. When I woke up (for real) I felt really bad because I hadn't helped Elaine clean the house.

The third dream was that I was at Kallie's High School Reunion and while I was there I had to dance with a clown. Rebecca connected this dream very rationally to factors in my life. (I have my own HSR coming up, I was talking to Kallie right before I went to sleep, and we made poor Kien dance several times over the course of BTF Frankston.) Kallie's explanation is that I secretly want to marry Ronald McDonald. Kallie's explanation is more amusing.

Clearly, I have issues.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Reasons For Different Houses

Reasons I Like to Stay at My House:
- I can read all my own books
- I can take really long showers and not worry that I'm using all of the hot water
- My bed is what I am used to
- My heater is toasty warm
- My computer has all of my favourites stored so I can easily visit all my favourite blogs
- I always have forgotten something that is useful when I go anywhere. At my house I have everything I need.
- It's nice to be by myself

Reasons I Like to Stay at the Girl's Ministry House (aka Rebecca's, Kalllie's, or Elaine's):
- I can read all of Elaine's books. She has some interesting books
- I can read all of Rebecca's books. She has some interesting books
- I get to annoy Rebecca and Kallie and Winter until they get tired and go to bed
- When Elaine comes home at three in the morning, and sees me sitting up reading, she asks "When did you get here?" I reply "About two days ago"
- They keep on feeding me. "They" includes the guys from the guys ministry house, who keep on bringing over such nutritious snacks as Krispy Kremes and Tim-Tam Smoothies
- It's nice to be with other people

More Photos!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Sorry the blog hasn't been updated for a while, but I've been busy with BTF and spider bites. But here are two photos just to keep you entertained until I can update it in more detail.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Ballantyne Giveaways!

There are two giveaways of the Ballantyne books.

Life in a Shoe is hosting a giveaway of Vision Forum's exciting new adventure series, Ballantyne books.

Crystal from Biblical Womanhood is also hosting a giveaway of the same books.

Crystal is giving away a set of all of the books, while Kim C (Life in a Shoe) is giving away one book a week as well as a complete set.

So for those of you who love books, head on over and enter! (Or don't, and improve my chances!)