Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sam Is Beautiful

Well, the compliments keep on coming my way.  What can I say?  I'm popular with the under 8 crowd (and a few over 8s...)

From Luke (who has proposed marriage).
"Sam, you're the beautifullest."
"Thanks Luke!"
"Sessie isn't the beautifullest."
"Well, usually only one person can be the beautifullest."
"You know why?  Because you have long hair."

From Bailey:
Randomly, while making play-dough:
"Sam, you're the thinnest," (in a VERY approving voice)

It helps working in an industry where everyone is addicted to chocolate.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I'll Look Out for You

Again in the three year old room (I had these kids as toddlers, and then last year they were in PK, one of the rooms where I get to hang out a lot, so a lot of these kids are MY SPECIAL KIDS).

Luke is fascinated with maps.  He can ID Australia, the Australian flag, and " 'Ganda where Sam's children live" (Uganda), and the Ugandan flag, and the UK flag.  Plus a few others.

But the concepts haven't all quite sunk in...

"Sam, do you live in Australia?"

"Yes Luke, I do."

"All weekend?"

"Yep, and all week!"

"I'll see you then!"

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Excuse the watermarks!  I couldn't work out how to buy the downloads, so I did the dodgy thing and printscreened them all.  I did buy 2 hard copies though!

Yay for me running and not looking hideous!  Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

River Run Geelong

On the 24th, I ran my first ever 10km!  One of my friends, Alex, ran the race with me, which was fun, (even if he beat me and made it look easy, which is clearly not okay and not fair).

I crossed the line at EXACTLY 1 hour, making my net time (finish time minus the time it took me to actually cross the starting line) 59:27, which is actually not bad!  (I finished 293 overall, 125 in my gender, and 34th in my category.)

On a side note, there was a guy who ran the WHOLE THING dressed in a complete BATMAN outfit!  Mask, cape, the lot

Alex and I ran together for the first 7km.  Alex had previously said that he "wasn't at all competative" and that he "was just there to support me".  Which was true until he realised that it was GREAT FUN to overtake people.  So after the 2nd km, he started doing that pretty much the entire time.  So I was trying to keep up, and he just kept on overtaking people.

At 7km, I told him I needed a walk break.  I said that he could either walk with me, or keep going.  He kept going, nad overtook a whole bunch of people up to 8km.  Then he decided it was even more fun to help me overtake people, so he RAN BACK and made me re-overtake all those people he'd overtaken and then ran back past.

But it was fun.

I'm doing a half marathon in May, in Sydney, to raise money for prem babies (I was born prem!)

I'll post some of the photos that the professional potographers took of us soon... once I'm organsised enough to actually get them!  I don't look too bad for someone running / has just finished 10km.  I'll post them soon!