Monday, 27 July 2009

Has Anyone Seen This Man?

Eli, one of my favourite chickadees, loves to draw. A few days ago, he wanted to draw me a picture. Of me and my family. He asked me lots of questions, and was very surprised that I wasn't married and didn't have any kids. I told him to draw me a picture of me with my husband and our children in a rose garden.

He asked me how many children I was planning on having.

I said 20.

He looked at me and said, "I can't fit that many in the picture."

I said, "That's all right, draw as many as you can, and draw me with a fat belly so it means I'll have more.

Apparently his name is Gerald.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Soundtrack to My Week

- Bye Bye Love (Simon & Garfunkel) Kicks the Everly Brothers version. I mean listen to the whining guitar! So awesome!
- Bird Dog by the Everly Brothers. Funny as anything!
- Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes from Paul Simon's Graceland
- Thelma from Paul Simon's Rythym of the Saints (it's an outtake, but I love it.)
- You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies by Simon and Garfunkel
- With A Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
- Fixing a Hole by the Beatles from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
- I Know What I Know from Paul Simon's Graceland
- Gumboots from Paul Simon's Graceland (Gumboots and I Know What I Know always get swirled together in my head... gorgeous)
- Liminality's King of the Fairies. The link isn't to their version, but it's similar. I also like the rock version by Horslips, but it wasn't the one in my head. Though I expect that it's going to be. Hmm... must take Horslips CD to work...

And just for fun...

Bought two new Paul Simon CDs, so I'm expecting that they'll feature over the next few weeks. Planning to buy several Paul Simon DVDs when I have cash, and a Sons of Korah CD (can't listen to religious music at work, so they get less listening... sigh.) Must buy more Beatles albums!

In Other News...

- Mohawk Baby. Cutest baby ever (until I have mine at least. Or until Kal has hers... or...)
- Haisun never comes over to our house while I am there, and if he has to, he will not enter any room I am in. He is "scared of" me. That's right, the 27 year old boyfriend of the Rebel is a WUSS. On the bright side, it means I don't have to see him.
- I clearly have a high opinion of Haisun.
- My opinion of the Rebel is about on par.
- Deabte: who has more stomache fats? Kal or Sam? In the interest of full disclosure, I weigh 2 kg more.
- Joab asks: "So Sam, when are you going to get married?" My answer: "When I find a boy stupid enough to ask me."
- Joab then suggested that his friend be tortured until the day he dies. Shaun, if I were you I'd deck Joab while he sleeps for planning your painful demise.
- Names of some of the chickadees: Isabella P who is best friends with Isabella B, Isabella called Bella who is best friends with Annabelle called Belle, and good friends with Ella. Ella-Bella is coming up to our grade too. There's Anna and Joanna, Jonno and Jonathan, George and George, and Lucy and Lucy and Lulu and Lucas. Friday is double trouble day, with two sets of identical twins - Sonia and Elise, and Jake and Mark. Or the same day, James and Marco come in, and like to play with Jake and Mark. Amongst the teachers there are two Erins. I am slightly confused.
- I tried to let Eli know that people can be born anywhere in the world. Just 'cause your black doesn't automatically mean you were born in Africa. And just 'cause your Dad's white, doesn't mean he wasn't.
- Having break-downs at work means that people are nice to you.
- I know something you all don't know. Do-da, do-da. But seriously, I do. Unless you're a school friend, in which case, I told you already.

We'll be updating you later with the weather forecast...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Joab Gets an F

That's right. The boy who has never failed anything in his life has now FAILED. He gets an F.

For what? For being kitchen leader!

The boy saved me a plate of food. Good so far. But on the plate was:
- Pasta salad
- Mashed potato
- Cauliflower

Pasta salad has MAYONAISE, which is YUCKY. I made the mashed potato, and I brought it because I am SICK of potato and I get masses delivered every week. And cauliflower. Seriously.

Apparently I am a "picky, picky woman".

Another Meme

Because I am tired, but want to update, here's another meme. I stole it from Desperado, who stole it from someone else.

7 things you will find in your room:
1. Books I'm reading at the moment
2. CDs
3. My bed
4. Clothes I wore once but aren't dirty enough to be washed
5. Children's clothes in boxes (under the bed)
6. Soap made by kinder kids
7. Meds

7 relationship questions (shh! *blush*)
1. Do you like anyone? Probably.
2. Does someone like you? Not that I know of.
3. Last kiss? Two and a half years ago. Unless you count the chickadees, and then I got kissed today. Several times.
4. Been lead on? Yup.
5. Been cheated on? No. I would do serious damage to anyone who did
6. Want a relationship? Yes.
7. Want to get married? ASAP.

7 other things. Do you:
1. Believe in God? Yes.
2. Had a dream come true? Nope. I only have weirdo dreams, so if they come true, something is very, VERY wrong
3. Read the newspaper? Most days at lunchtime.
4. Get enough sleep everyday? No. I get about half what I need. Sam is permanently cranky
5. Have a best friend? Will you be my best friend?
6. Take a bath daily? I have showers
7. Wish on stars? No. I am usually trying to sleep when the stars are out.

7 have you evers. Have you ever:
1. Fallen in love? Not really.
2. Kissed someone of the same sex? No. Unless you count chickadees. And then yes. Today.
3. Hooked up with someone who was already attached? No.
4. Been to a bonfire? Yes.
5. Ran away from home? Yes.
6. Played strip poker? No.
7. Pulled an all nighter? Yes, but from missing a train home. It's a long story, that ended in trauma. I had no sleep for more than 40 hours!

7 things in the last 24 hours. Have you:
1. Cried? Yes. About 4 times
2. Had fun? Yes.
3. Been kissed? By chickadees. Man, I need to be kissed by someone over the age of six.
4. Felt stupid? Yes.
5. Talked to an ex? No. But I bet my Mum has talked to my ex for me.
6. Missed someone? Yes.
7. Listened to music? Yes.

7 things on your mind:
1. Whether or not to go to work tomorrow
2. What book to read next
3. Tea (the drink)
4. Whether the chest pain at the moment is my heart or my lungs
5. I think it's my lungs
6. Coughing is sucky.
7. The neighbours car alarm. Must kill.

7 things you can't live without (metaphorically speaking, other than God):
1. Books
2. Simon and Garfunkel
3. The Beatles
4. The internet
5. Gossipping with Kal
6. Teasing people, esp Joab and Adam
7. Chocolate

Thursday, 9 July 2009

You Know You're Tired When:

You go to have a shower, get half undressed and think, "I'm too tired to have a shower; I'd rather go to bed." So you start to get into your PJs, only to remember that the reason why you're having a shower is so you DON'T go to bed BECAUSE IT ISN'T 8PM yet.

Blogging will resume when I want to have a shower for more reasons other than keeping me up past 8.