Monday, 20 April 2009

Clearly My Daddy Is Awesome!

So, I am MAD on Simon & Garfunkle. I got the Reb to phone every half hour until she got me awesome tickets. Then she told me the two awesome tickets to Thursday cost me $750. I couldn't get any more until I put more money on my card.

I was sad.

But then my mum came over to drop off and pick up stuff. And she saw the messege on our whiteboard saying "MUST SEE SIMON!"

"Your Dad was going to get you tickets. But I told him you wouldn't want to go."

I nearly killed her.

I then nicked her phone and phoned Dad. We are now going on Friday. Luckily for me my Dad doesn't listen to my mum.


Friday, 17 April 2009


Reb is getting me tickets while I work. I am DESPERATE to go.

I am going BOTH concerts, and I am getting an extra ticket to each. So if you are as desperate to go as I am, and you haven't got a school-teacher for a housemate, so you can't get them, let me know.

Of course, if I get a fella I'll be dumping you losers (unless you are paying me back for the ticket).


Monday, 13 April 2009

I guess there's hope for me yet...

So, at the OC, random stuff happened. Joab told me I was fat (three times), Kal got featured in the video of the OC, and Haison planned to steal boats (well, at least Joab's car is safe from him).

But this was pretty funny. Unfortunately, I personally didn't notice - Kal told me after.

I was ranting, as nI ften do, about me wanting twenty kids. City centre people have not previously experienced my ranting, and so they were all like, "Speak again, bright angel". As if I need encouragement. (Hartono thought I was abut the most awesome person on the planet.)

I got to a high point in my rant, and said what I often say, "As if anyone would be psycho enough to want 20 kids with me."

And apparently, a Tall Aussie walking by said, "I'd give it a try."

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Mwah Ha Ha!

So, at church las Sunday, I was sitting behind Ian (Lim). And what would you do if you were sitting behind Ian? That's right, you'd poke him. Because that's what you DO to teenage boys.

After about the third time, Ian turnedx around and grabbed my leg (see what I said regarding him being a teenage boy). So I dug my nails, moderately hard, into his hand.

Kal saw his expression and said, "Hey guess what? Sam got fake nails!"

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Only Two More Months...

until my birthday.

Oh yeah. Happy birthday Joab. Now back to the important person. That would be ME.

I like birthdays. I like presents. I like chocolate. Please supply me with all of these things.