Monday, 29 October 2007

Cooking In Frankston

Rebecca is a lot more dedicated than I am.

Cream is tasty!

The cream is REALLY good!

I'm not sure I still want to eat...

Hmm... definitely not eating.


Sam Mok said...

Hahah that's my foot!!

Anyway Sammy dear. Are you still interested in going with me to the Rhythms Of Ireland at Franskton Arts Center??

It's on the 7th of Nov and the tickets are 49.90. Let me know a.s.a.p coz I will buy tickets on the Wednesday ok?

Email me at: ok sweetie??

Love you!!

Sam Mok said...

I forgot to mention the time =_=;;;

It's at 8pm on the 7th of Nov.

Here's the link just in case,
Frankston Arts Center|Rhythms of Ireland site

Jez-Arinn said...

yay! pictures =D I might upload some of my own when I find the ones I would really like to share xD

oh btw, this is my blog: