Monday, 26 November 2007

Things I Have Learnt Recently At Church

- When I am weak, God is strong. The Apostle Paul, as quoted by Kien.
- When I am weak, Joab makes the girls in the youth group give me chocolate.
- I weigh more than Ian Song.
- The Young Professionals Care Group talks a lot about people getting married. I like the Young Professionals Care Group.
- My hand sewing is stronger than machine sewing.
- I can keep an eye on 7 angels, 4 shephards, 1 narrator, 5 nursery kids (one of whom is an angel), manage costume changes, follow a script, and sing... all at once. But I mucked up when it came to returning a music stand (borrowed for the narrator) in time for the violinist.
- When I forget things (like violin stands) other people remember them. Then, when I am watching in the audience, I see these things (like violin stands) and remember. And then I feel guilty.

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