Monday, 20 April 2009

Clearly My Daddy Is Awesome!

So, I am MAD on Simon & Garfunkle. I got the Reb to phone every half hour until she got me awesome tickets. Then she told me the two awesome tickets to Thursday cost me $750. I couldn't get any more until I put more money on my card.

I was sad.

But then my mum came over to drop off and pick up stuff. And she saw the messege on our whiteboard saying "MUST SEE SIMON!"

"Your Dad was going to get you tickets. But I told him you wouldn't want to go."

I nearly killed her.

I then nicked her phone and phoned Dad. We are now going on Friday. Luckily for me my Dad doesn't listen to my mum.



Sam-Is-Mad said...

Speaking of parents, could anyone run off with their parents faster than you did Joab? Kal and I were planning to tell them about your make-up wearing and your adoration of the physiques of ballet boys. :P

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Just plain mean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam - glad you got tickets. Steph

shaun said...

Introducing new characters:
Sam's mum and Sam's dad.

Hope you develop these characters nicely.