Friday, 23 October 2009

We Need To Start Again

Last night, Kal and I decided the reason why we aren't attached to all proper degrees is because we are judgemental and mean. We decided that we need to stop being judgemental and mean in order to get ourselves some good looking boys with PR. Actually, I don't care about PR, but someone else does.

Then I went and was judgemental and mean in praying not to be judgemental and mean. Then I judgementally and meanly tore down a poster at the uni. It was judgemental and mean of me, but there is one less poster inviting Arts Students with nothing better to do to go to a rally for people who don't live the way God wants them to. Hmm, judgemental and mean to Art Students, and the communities of people who don't live the way God wants them to.

We were all good in CG. No judgementalness or meanness. It might be because we watched a DVD.

This morning however, we were judgemental and mean to:
- 4 girls
- 5 boys
- Multiple assorted randoms we haven't met but who are siblings to those we have

In the 10 minutes I was up before Kal left the house. I'd post names, but that would be judgemental and mean of me. I will however point out Joab was one of them. He is our univeral whipping boy. Except that is judgemental and mean. So now we have to stop.

Hmm, this post is judgemental and mean. I think I have to start again...


Anonymous said...

Yay! It's letting me comment.

Dude, this is way hard. I can't even give reasons why this is hard because that would be self-judgmental, and I'm my own biggest critic ever (is that judgemental?).

Not being mean to myself... can this be done!?

Also can you drop big hints about what you want for Christmas? I... su... argh! Okay... ahem. Let's try this nicely.

Buying presents is not my favourite because selecting gifts people actually want is an area I need to improve in.



Sam-Is-Mad said...

Does shouting at the Rebel = mean and judgemental? I mean, I think she's hard of hearing, because she never changes unless you do... or write it on the whiteboard.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I think I'd rather be mean and judgemental. Even if I never get married.

I'll just leave the country to get minions who will maul anyone I say.

I'm tempted to get them to maul Joab first, because he'll scream like a girl, and then the Rebel where it hurts. That's right, Haisun is gonna be mauled TO DEATH.

Sam-Is-Mad (@ lazy people, and she is mean and judgmental AND INTENDS TO STAY THAT WAY TO LAZY PEOPLE!)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Wait, I re-read that comment and it is mean and judgemental to Joab. I'd like to clarify - Joab is not lazy, he is in fact quite lovely.

However, it would be highly amusing to watch him run away from minions screaming like a girl.

joab said...

hey! i do NOT scream like a girl...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You would if my minions were chasing you :P