Wednesday, 30 December 2009

That's Right Zoe

One of my collegues announced yesterday that she was pregnant. I went into the kinder room and told Zoe and Taya. I then asked if I should have a baby.

"Yes Sam!" they chorused.

"You should have 25 children Sam," Zoe said.

"That's a few more than I think even I could handle Zoe." I told her.

"Maybe just two," Taya told Zoe.

"No!" Zoe said emphatically. "God will decide!"

"That's right Zoe," I said. "God WILL decide."

"And more than two. God will decide."


Anonymous said...

Red and sweet
Are good to eat,
But I swear by this sonnet
Green'll make ya vomit.

Please, take my generic blessings and spend them wisely.

Stephen Tan said...