Friday, 15 January 2010

Dolls Make Me Sick

So, was at work and patting the children off to sleep. Sienna was the only child awake, when she suddenly sat up and said, "Bed, WET!"

I pulled back her blanket, and low and behold, it was. My first thought was that her nappy leaked, but Sienna soon told me otherwise...

"Baby WEE."

Sure enough, the doll was at the top of the wet patch. Baby did indeed make the mess. So we changed the sheet, and put Sienna back to bed, thinking that that would be the end of it. But no!

"Want Baby!"

"Baby's in the bathroom doing more wees. You can play with Baby later."

"Baby wear nappy."

I'm obliging, especially because Sienna can scream loud enough to wake every child in the building. So I took Baby through to the Babies room to get a small nappy. As I'm carrying Baby, I'm noticing that my arm is very itchy and slightly painful.

By the time I get back from the Babies room, my arm is red and swollen. It hurts a fair bit. And then I realise that Baby is made out of rubber, most likely with Latex mixed in. That's right, I'm having an allergic reaction to a DOLL.

Unfortunately, my medical bag doesn't have any anti-histamines. Ventolin and juice I have, but anti-histamines, no. Been meaning to buy some, but just hadn't got around to it.

So I got to go home early. I stopped off at the chemist and bought myself some drugs. Then I went home and slept like a Baby.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

As discussed yesterday, sorry to hear about this. I can see why you never would have though simply picking up and holding a doll would give you an allergic reaction. Argh.

Glad you were feeling better yesterday though.
- steph

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