Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sam Gets Asked for ID

I don't drink much. I occasionally buy a small bottle of Pink, and have that while I read a dodgy romance novel (they're terrible sober, but delicious when slightly intoxicated).

I borrowed a novel from the library, and went to buy a bottle of champers from Woolworths.

I got asked for ID.

I offered my working with children's check. "You only need it if you're over 18. Otherwise, you ARE a child," I explained.

It was not accepted.

So on Monday, I went to Coles. Same thing. I was getting annoyed. I mean, sure, there are few things more obnoxious than intoxicated teenages, but I'm 27, getting only 250mL of alcohol, and drinking at home.

I guess that even though my eggs may be screaming out that they are fast reaching their use-by date, my face is still going strong.

So I went home, and got out the one type of ID I have. My passport. And went to Dan Murphy's, which meant I didn't need to cross the road, like I would have for Coles.

The guy serving looked about 14. He didn't ask me for ID.

Guess he understands my pain.

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