Saturday, 9 June 2012

See, I do think about these things

I recently bought a new skirt at an op shop - a beautiful dark red. I didn't have any head coverings to wear with it, but I soon found one at Target. And being on placement (makes Sam sad), I get to wear whatever I want. (Except the studd I'm taking to Uganda. That I can't).

So I wear that.

Anyway, I went to Touching Heaven wearing it.

Shaun looked at me. "You have a red skirt on."

"Yes." I said.

"And a red hat."


"Where is your red shirt?" he asked.

I informed him that you could NOT wear a red shirt with a red skirt and red hat. You needed a neutral colour in between. So I was wearing a black skivvy.

He thought for a second. "The least you could have done was wear red lipstick," said the indignant boy.

"I am."

He looked at me again, said "So you are," and went off.

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