Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sam's Weight

I was training with my personal trainer, Natalie, and I mentioned ice-cream.  Now, for her, that's like a red flag to a bull.  And I eat a LOT of ice-cream.  (It's soy ice-cream, btw.)
"Didn't you try those smoothie recipes that I sent you?"

"I eat smoothies for BREAKFAST."

"Smoothies are really healthy!"

I brought out my big guns.  "Do you know how many calories there are in ice-cream?  I need those calories!"

Natalie thought about it.  "You could have TWO smoothies."

"Natalie, in order to make up for the calories in ice-cream, I would need to be on a smoothie DRIP."

On a side note, I've hit 50kg, EXACTLY.  Happy happy!

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