Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Joab Gets an F

That's right. The boy who has never failed anything in his life has now FAILED. He gets an F.

For what? For being kitchen leader!

The boy saved me a plate of food. Good so far. But on the plate was:
- Pasta salad
- Mashed potato
- Cauliflower

Pasta salad has MAYONAISE, which is YUCKY. I made the mashed potato, and I brought it because I am SICK of potato and I get masses delivered every week. And cauliflower. Seriously.

Apparently I am a "picky, picky woman".


Beauwt said...


How are you?
Haven't seen you for ages

I also have my own blog

I've added you on my blog list


joab said...

actually, I've failed mandarin before and other tests in school. =P you ARE picky.

and you never tell me what's safe and likeable for you ANYWAY...

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Sam has told her list of food requirements before.

You just don't listen...

at least this means you're a boy.