Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Health Update

I had my check-up today.

My lung function has dropped by 15%. Which is obviously not good.

On the bright side, I was beginning to get worried about me getting tired again. I was beginning to think that I was some sort of horrid hypercondriac. I didn't think I had the personality for it, but then most hyperchondriacs wouldn't think they had the personality for it.

So I am relieved that I actually am not in perfect (physical) health.

Dr said, "Most people would say not to worry too much about that kind of drop. But if you get the flu, you'll probably end up in hospital, so we are going to worry about it."

My asthma meds have been upped.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,

I am really sorry to hear that. That is not good news. Should an increase in asthma meds actually help with the lung function, or will it hopefully stop you from getting asthma attacks aggravating your poor lungs, do both, or do something else completely?

Regardless, I hope they can help you somehow and that your energy can pick up a bit again.

Take Care,

joab said...

are you allegic to crabs maybe? Oh well, u better be a good girl and stay away from all the allergenics then... sigh

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Because so much of my problem before was not asthma, but allergies, they seriously downed my meds to a little above what they were before I had pneumonia. Turns out that that isn't enough, and so I'm going up a bit - not as much as before allergy diagnosis, but higher than I have been on.

And in all honesty, I'm still feeling a million times better than I was before allergy identification.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Joab, I think I'm allergic to people telling me that I'm fat. So really, this is all your fault.

But then, when is it not?


Winza said...

Hi Sam,
I am sorry to hear about your health. I hope things will get better soon.