Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Where I Was On Sunday

For those of you wondering where I was on Sunday, I was in Sydney for a weddig. I was there for the marriage of Uncle Brian. Uncle Brian is not a blood uncle, nor is he a "Chinese Uncle". He's my mother's half-brother's ex-wife's ex-husband. (I even got to use that phrase, when we were all told to tell someone we didn't know on our table how we knew Brian or Jen).

I don't have any of the photos yet, as they are all on my family's cameras, so you'll have to wait to see the stunning photos of my in my formal dress, which I bought for $5.50 at an op-shop.

So, in other wedding news:

- My sister Julie (aged 24) caught the bouquet. She was about to fight for it, but the other lady took one look in her eyes and thought the better of it.

- I stayed FAR FAR AWAY from all flying flowers. I am determined to not catch a single bouquet in my life.

- My brother, Robert, was the ring-bearer. We have lots of photos of him getting "cougared". He is 15. My mum thinks this is hilarious. The best man wanted to take him to King's Cross.

- I am eloping for my wedding. If you can't understand why, read the 1st and 3rd comments here. If you still don't understand why, ask me, and I'll enlighten you.

- Mum is now officially desperate to marry me and Julie off. She's not just threatening to send me onto Farmer Wants a Wife. She tried to convince the taxi driver to marry first Julie (because she caught the bouquet), until she found out that he was a Christian. Then she tried to marry me off to him.

- Uncle Brian's first wife is called Jan. His second wife (i.e. the bride) is called Jen.

- Uncle Brian had step-grandchildren who are 12 and 15 (I think) from his first marriage. They (Brian and Jen) are planning to have children.

- When we were all getting ready for the BBQ (the day after the wedding), both my Mum and Julie kept on interrupting me while I was reading. It was seriously annoying, because I had made sure that I was all ready so that I could read. But I found a solution. I put aside my book and pretended to be resting. The next time they came in (about 2 minutes after the time before that) they found me resting. They made critical comments, then left me alone.

- Whenever my Mum said something strange, Robert would tell her, "That's why you're not my facebook friend." Then I would say, "And that's why I don't live with you." Then my Dad would say, "And why I live in Geelong."

- Mum is most cut about not being the facebook friend.

- Mum is however facebook friends with one of Robert's best friends, Charlie.

- Mum has however, rejected her other son's request to be facebook friends. She says she doesn't want to know what he's doing.

And that's about it, at least until I get photos, and my memory of traumatic events concerning those related to me is sparked.

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