Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Chickadees Strike Again

I've already mentioned the popularity of my photo frame - especially when Joab features. But there is more to the photo frame than just teaching small children to bag Joab. No. I teach them to bag Shaun too, and get them to expect everyone to have babies, and even (in my rare more noble moments) get some of them to pray for orphans.

Here are a selection of children and their favourite aspects of the photo frame.

Sophia: Like Sophie, Sophia thinks that Joab is about the most awesome person on it. Unlike Sophie, she doesn't say much. But I take her around with me to show all the adults her impressions. "What do you think of Joab?" Sophia screws up her face and says "YUCK!" in her most delighted-disgusted voice.

Maddie thinks Shaun is the best. Which is extra hilirious, because he isn't ON the photo frame. When my old computer got nicked I lost all my photos but the ones on my blog. And the only photo of Shaun was of him dressed as an Incredible.

So after Joab, Maddie tells me: "That's where your photo of your friend Shaun would go. Except you don't have any photos of him, except where he's dressed as an Incredible. And THAT'S NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SCHOOL. (She pauses.) Actually, it wasn't that appropriate for church either, but that didn't stop Shaun.

Lara (who by the way is about the cutest thing on two legs) doesn't like any of the boys. The moment she sees my photo frame she only wants to see one person. "Harper! Harper!" I remind her that we need to ask God to take care of Harper, because her Mummy has to get her on a plane.

Sasha thinks that Steph and T are the best. "When Steph feels better she's going to have a baby," she tells me. "But she's not forty yet, so she doesn't need to rush." Sasha's parents had her and her brother late.

Allison likes Stephen and friend. "[Girl] wants two babies, but Stephen wants three. [Girl] said, "No way, if I'm going to have three, I'm going to have four." [Girl] is right. Three would just fight."

Finally, Thomas doesn't care what pictures are up. He doesn't even look at them. He just likes to press the buttons on the back.

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