Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Even Sophie Thinks I Should Have Joab's Car

Alicia gave me a keyring picture frame for Christmas. It's really awesome, and very useful, because it distracts crying children. It is now several children's favourite toy. Including Sophie's.

Sophie sits down, and flicks through the pictures, giving me the descriptions on each one. "That's you and your friend 'Lica. That's you and your friend Kallie." Until she gets to Joab. "That's your friend Joab. He eats snails and slugs. He's CRAZY. That's disGUSting."

She continues to go through the slides, then gets back to Joab. "That's your friend Joab. He eats snails and slugs. He's CRAZY. Why would anyone eat snails and slugs?"

"Soph, I got no idea. He's a boy; boys are weird like that."

Sophie turned to James and said, "Do you eat snails and slugs?"

James is two, and looked at me and said, "No, I refuse." Which of course sent me into gails of laughter.

"Joab's Chinese. They eat lots of gross things. That and he's just crazy. Accept it, move on."

"He can come over to my house."

"You just want to watch him eat snails and slugs."


"Sophie, if I can get him to, I will. But I think he's not going to travel all the way to Kew just to eat snails and slugs. Not when he can dig them up in his own garden."

Sophie turned back to my pic-frame. She found the pictures of Hailee and Harper. She said, "They're the babies that are overseas. Sam, where's your baby?"

"Sophie, I don't HAVE a baby. I'm not married."

"You could GET married."

"To who?"

"Joab. Then you could cook his snails and slugs."

"I don't think that Joab would agree to that. That and I don't want to contaminate my fryingpans with snails and slugs."

"Yeah, they're yucky."

Sohpie glanced over to the carpark. "Hey Sam, where's your car?"

"I haven't got a car," I told her.

"My car is grey and sparkly."

"You mean silver?"

"Yeah. You should get a grey and sparkly car."

"You know, Joab has a silver car. Maybe I should just have that."

"I think so Sam."

Incidentally, Sophie is Ella's sister. You can re-read some of my posts on Ella, linked below.

- Where Your Treasure Is, there your heart will be also.
- Bella Ella


joab said...

my car is blue... and I don't eat slugs, snail yes, nut slugs, sea cucumber is NOT a slug...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

See, I originally told her that you eat silkworms. I didn't even know about the snails... you're even grosser than I thought, but at least Kal and I don't (currently) have any snails as pets.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

And your car is silver. Or grey and sparkly, as the case may be.

joab said...

i eat escargo, which is snail. and it's BLUE!!!!!

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You definitely eat snails and slugs and worms and all sorts of disGUSting things.

And your car is grey and sparkly. Unless you got a new car, in which case we should definitely get the old grey and sparkly one.