Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Boys and Ages

I've recently annoyed a few of my friend who are boys by telling them that they are acting like a _ year old. Eventually, I realised that they just can't help it. Boys are all either 2, 3, or 4.

A 4 Year Old Is:
- Hilariously funny, especially when they don't mean to be
- Unintentionally dodgy
- Very serious about things
- Requires extensive teasing

Some Four Year Olds Include:
- Joab
- Justin
- Hoang

A Three year old is:
- Naughty
- Will aim to get away with anything they possibly can
- Drives you up the wall
- Never shut up

Some Three Year Olds Include:
- Stephen
- Lionel
- Adam

A Two Year Old Is:
- Sweet and kind
- Easily befuddled when you talk fast and use big words. This is useful if you want to get your own way
- Not all that fun to tease because they don't get it

Some Two Year Olds Include:
- Shaun Rimos
- Ken
- David

Incidentally, three year old children are, in my opinion, terrible. Two and four year olds are obviously awesome. But I must say, boys who are three are way more acceptable to general society that someone who actually is three.

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Melissa said...

Hello. :) I have been a blog stalker of yours ever since you bookmooched a book off me like two years ago and I saw your profile which had a link to here. I didn't think it was creepy until I realized it's been like two years... =P

I just wanted to say that this post made me laugh until I almost died.

That is all. :)