Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Fairy Amusing

I was reading The Perilous Gard, which Melissa Wiley recommended. It's pretty good. I was 8 pages from finishing when Kal and I had to leave to go to Care-Group. I was not happy.

"What's so great?" Kal wanted to know.

"Well, this girl and a boy got kidnapped by fairies, and she's managed to help them escape, and now she thinks he's into her sister."

"Man, those fairies are always kidnapping people."

"Yeah. I had to give Elaine Lee advice on what to do if kidnapped by fairies."

"Don't eat anything?"

"And stay out of toadstool circles. Good thing we're in Australia. No kidnapping fairies here."

"Yeah, we've just got bunyips."

"So as long as we stay out of the water catchments we're fine."

Where upon Kallie remembers where she works. "Oh dear," she says.

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