Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sam Is The Best Boyfriend

Part 1
So, it was Kal's birthday recently. So Kal, Stephen and I went out for dinner. We went to a cool restaurant called Mosq. (Where we talked about Christian stuff. We are so post-modern.)

Stephen gave very bad directions, and was surprised when I corrected him repeatedly, because normally I suck at directions (even more than he does). Kal reminded him that we were in my 'hood.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that your parents sent you to a rich school."

The whole way there, I teased Stephen because he only got Kal 3 presents, and I got her 4. "I'm a way better boyfriend than you." Kallie thought it was hilarious, mostly because Stephen was getting competative.

When we got to the restaurant, I saw her present from Stephen. Her main present: a bag.

Now, it's a nice bag. But I can't get excited about a bag. And neither can Kallie. We just can't. I mean, it's a bag.

I brought out my presents, and Kallie squealled. "Biggles! I love Biggles!

That's right. My second hand books that Kallie knew she was getting way outrated the bag on the excitement factor. Score another point to the white girl as being the best boyfriend.

Part 2
Anyway, at work last Thursday, Ale and I share planning. I had just finished, so Ale had come into the planning room.

"I'm going to leave early. It's such a massive wait til my bus."

"You want to 5:20 bus then. Leave at 5:15 and you'll make it."

Ale sits down at the computer and then she gets a text. It's from Tim, her finace. "You want to catch the 5:21 bus," it says.

"He's my personal organiser," Ale says. "But you were faster."

"That's because I'm the best boyfriend..."

Now, to convince someone that I'd make the best girlfriend. Either that, or I'm going to Africa and dying there. One of the two.

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