Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I Needs To Know!

I finally have internets! Yay! After about a million set-backs and sad, sad days with no ability to stalk people I know and don't know, I finally can do all this and more! Hooray!

And just in time, because I NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING.

I googled it, and wiki-ed it, and asked Kallie and even phoned up Adam, thinking that he might know the answer.

Is it a Jewish thing to call your wife your bride even when you've been married for ages?

See, in his sermons, Doug Phillips always calls his wife his bride. And I always was like, Aw, how sweet.

But then I was watching a new Garfunkel DVD, and HE DOES THE SAME THING.

Now, Art Garfunkel and Doug Phillips don't exactly have that much in common. Only two things I can think of. They're American. And they're both of Jewish descent. So I want to know if it is a Jewish thing, an American thing that only some odd Americans do, or an American Jewish thing, or something else entirely.

Any ideas? Anyone?


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