Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Internet Blues

As several of you are aware, at home, Kal and I are net-less. It makes us both very sad. Stephen said he was going to be arranging said internet (Kal and I only have pre-paid mobiles, and can't use phones at work most of the time) but, what can I say? The boy is a slacker.

Though not all that much interesting has been happening. Which is probably a good thing. I don't know how much interesting I can handle at the moment.

So I thought I'd let you guys all know about all the different things I would be doing on the internet if I had it at home.

- Stalking Art Garfunkel. That's what the internet is for really. Stalking people. Besides, what if he had a new CD coming out? I could be distraught and sad without it.

- Writing about serious, boring things for my other blog. Sure, it's less interesting than this blog, but I probably post there a bit more often, or at least I do WHEN I HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET.

- Laughing at people I know who have very dorky blogs. This is one of Kal's favourite things to do on the internet.

- Doing the research I'm supposed to do for Ps Ian. Yeah, it isn't happening, and it might not even if I had the net. But it does give me a really awesome excuse for why it isn't. That, and collapsing.

- Watching dramas. You know that they're the best. Don't deny it. They fill an inherent need for melodrama in the life of everyone everywhere. This would be extra useful as I need to sew about a million badges on my brother's scout blanket.

- Going the the Suzi Blu La Petit Academy and looking at everyone's pictures. And uploading pictures of my own. And then getting inspiration from everyone's pictures.

- Googling completely random things, just because I have the internet and I can.

Internet, how I miss you.

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