Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sam Gets Spammed

As most of you would know, I got spammed a while back. I picked it up within minutes - it turns out emailing the Chinese Embassy about their human rights abuses has more benefits than just letting them know that there is an international presence watching over the way they treat their citizens.

I got a lot of emails back about it - mostly people letting me know that someone had hacked into my account, but a few people wanted to know what the photos were of. My sister opened it, thinking it was pictures of my trip, and then sent to everyone an email saying that I was a big fat meanie for not mass emailing everyone that I got spammed. Silly me. I thought one spam email was enough.

Anyway, the funniest email I got in reply was from Kushbu - who asked me why the heck I was sending her photos, given that she's blind. Which made me laugh a bit. Guess those spammers can't get us all!

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