Monday, 9 July 2012

Portarlington Celtic Fest

So, I went and I had a great time. I was slightly distracted by HUNGER GAMES MY SISTER BORROWED HUNGER GAMES FROM HER LIBRARY AND I MIGHT HAD STOLEN IT FROM HER AND READ IT ALL IN A DAY AND MAYBE EVEN READ IT IN A FEW OF THE PERFORMANCES AT THE BACK but mostly I listened to some great music and had an awesome time.

It was just me, my sister, and my dad. Which limits the complaining immensely. The boys never shut up. Actually, neither does Julie, but at least 3/4 of what she says isn't whinging.

Anyway, there was the harp concert! I love the harp concert. So much fun and beautiful music. It's wonderful to hear some of the interesting interpretations of traditional songs (Claire Patti, I heart you) that are played.

Obviously, I went to a lot of beautiful harp concerts. Taliska (with Claire Patti) still sucked, but Culdee was great and I am in rhapsody over Rhapsody, which was definitely my favourite group for the fest. I got my dad to go to one of their concerts, and he mega enjoyed it too!



Aside from the beautiful music, I did go and see some folk rock. Claymore, as always. Brilliant. The Go Set and Between the Wars were also very good, though I rather suspect that Between the Wars are just slightly off their faces. That's what happens when you go into folk rock I guess. :P


I have decided that the bodhran is the sexiest instrument for a guy to play. I may even add it to my list of essential criteria for a husband. To go along with the Christ-loving, orphan-loving, mission-going and baby-making lists. Because there are so many people lined up in the wings for me.

Well, there are in Africa. Though I don't think many African men play the bodhran.

Back to the fest!

There was sword fighting, which I think I might take up if I can manage to work some spare time into my schedule (ha! ha!), and the food was good. The weather wasn't even too atrocious!

It was great! If you ever have a chance to go, then DO!

And incidentally, Claire Patti is releasing a Solo CD on the 28st of July. At the Boite Music Cafe in Fitzroy. I'll be there. Text me if you want details, and I'll pass them to you... sorry, they are at home and I'm at the library.

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