Saturday, 8 December 2012

Running to Extremes

Well, I'm not exactly known for doing things by halves.  So as a result, I'm planning to do the Tough Mudder next year (in September).  I'm a bit crazy that way.

Yes, I do know that the Tough Mudder involves running about 20km through mud with obstacles including electricity and fire (neither of which bother me at all, though Kal's freaking a little over the electricity and me having a heart problem) and small tunnels that can be filled with mud and water (which freaks me more than a little) and swimming through ice-cold water (which will pain me).

One of my friends has volunteered to join me.  So if you are crazy like me, or are actually fit, then feel free to join us.  Otherwise, I'll understand.

This is obviously involving lots of training.  I can run about 10km, though not at all fast and occasionally I have to stop to walk for a bit.  I completely lack upper body strength, and core strength, and general fitness, so I'm working on those.

And I'm actually doing well.  I feel fitter, and several people have asked me if I've lost weight (some approvingly, others not) (I haven't - in fact I've put ON 200g, which for me is a triumph.  I've basically been 50kg or more for less than a month of my life, and my GP wanted me to reach that when I was 16... 28 and not yet there...).

So I'm challenging myself...

And yes, at the Tough Mudder, you must sign a death waiver.

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