Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sam Is Crazy

I got a bike for Christmas!  Well, sort of.  I got it after Christmas, from my family, for typing up book titles for Mum.

So I rode home from my mum's (5km), and crashed into a fire hydrant, taking off the edge of ne of the pedals.  Then I crashed into a fence.

So the next day I attempted to ride my bike to work.  It's only 8.5km.  I got 1km, then the pedal (not the one I crashed before) came off.  I pushed it home, then caught the bus.  My brother fixed the bike that evening.

The next day, I rode to work.  Let me just say, Burke road has a lot of hills between my house and Kew.  And that bike riding on a day when the temperature is 38 degrees is a bit of work.

You see, I haven't ridden a bike - a real bike - since I was 8 years old.  I still expect to be able to break by pedalling backwards.  And you have to balance (what's with THAT?), which you so don't have to do in a spin class.

In other news, on Sunday night I had an episode of "Sam is a terrible individual" thinking.  Convinced I am the worst person in the whole, entire world, along with being mean, horrible, not at all intelligent and more than averagely bad-looking.  Until about 3:30 in the morning.

Yeah, that sucked.  I'm still not convinced that this isn't the case, but at least now I'm not crying about it.

And no, I have no idea what happened.  There is no known reason for said episode.  I have not done anything mean or horrible, I have not become uglier, and I assume my intelligence level has remained more or less the same.

On the bright side, when I woke up, I ran my usual 4.25km run in my best time ever - 22.44mins.  So I guess even mild hysterics over my complete failure of myself as a decent human being has its upsides - faster running.

And now, as a result of personal training and a ABT class done right afterwards, my muscles are sore.  Two days later.  Whatever.  I'm still going boxing tonight.

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