Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Everyone Makes A Christmas CD

Proof in point - Art Garfunkel. Seriously. I mean, the guy is Jewish, and I don't think that religious. But he has a Christmas album The Animals Christmas.

It's actually ok, and what's more, my kinder teacher from when I was a kinder kid clearly loves Artie too, because one of the songs written for the album (which would have been 2 years before I started kinder) have been sung at EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS CONCERT at my kinder since FOREVER. At least since I went there.

There's probably even a video of me as a dove singing about how I cooed baby Jesus to sleep. I was given that part because I was always climbing things, and the doves had to be up "high". (The other year I was an angel - the lead one I think.)

So, as everyone makes a Christmas CD, I will too at some point. As in, probably around June. It just seems appropriate.

No dove songs though.

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