Monday, 14 February 2011


For those of you who don't know, I used to sing. I was ok, but I improved when I got to 19 years old. My voice just matured. Of course, by then I was no longer in any choirs or anything.

Anyways, I sponsor a few children through Bushikori. And in May they are having a fundraiser night. I thought about what I could give, and eventually came up with the idea of making a CD.

So last Saturday I recorded 12 songs at Adam's place.

When I say 12 songs, I mean more than 50 tracks over 7 hours. Yes, my throat was sore afterwards.

Adam is now editing it so I sound better.

I listened back and I actually don't sound too bad. Although I strongly suspect Dannny Boy is going to be terrible. Anyone have any ideas on traditional songs that I could sing to replace it?

Plan is to sell them at the night for $10 each, and to sell them either in person and or on my blogs for the same price (though the blogs would also cost postage). The centre would also be able to sell through their site.

To put it in perspective, if I sell 8 CDs, that sponsors a child through them for 3 months.

So, get ready to buy some CDs of me singing!

PS - On a completely unrelated note - Hi Amy! We miss you! And actually, going GF is easier than I thought!

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