Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hey Jude

We have a new kid called Jude, and he's pretty cool. He talks non-stop, which is nice because most of our children are still non-talkers. Anyways, he's massively in love with our little Chinese girl, Ky-An.

We were putting him to sleep, and he kept on pointing to Ky-An and saying, "Hair! Black hair! Big black hair!" (Ky-An has a bit of a mohawk thing happening). Then he started trying to grab it. We were definitely not allowing that - Ky-An was asleep!

"Well, at least we know what kind of girl you're going to be marrying," I said.

Jude pointed to Ky-An "Her!"

The next day, Jude and Ky-An are lying on their beds and Jude goes over and starts hugging Ky-An. He's a bit bigger than her, and she started looking a bit concerned, because he's not the most gentle child.

"Hey Jude," I say (because I say this at every opportunity). "We know you love Ky-An, but it's time for you to be on your bed and Ky-An to be on hers and for you both to be going to sleep."

"She's hot!" Jude said, and went back to his bed.

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