Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Declare War On France For The Antartic

A while ago, I was watching Shakleton, and Stephen came over half-way through. This lead to an intense discussion from Kal and I about different Antartic explorers, and how clearly Shakleton is better than Scott because HE DIDN'T DIE ON EXPEDITION. Which is generally a mark of a good explorer.

Stephen had no idea. He may even think there are polar bears in the Antartic.

This mean that we needed to get out the map of Antartica. And look at it! Australia owns most of it. As it should be.

But look at all the other countries with parts of it. I mean, I can understand England having a chunk - I'm part English. And so was Shakleton (and Scott). Even Norway. I mean, Admundsen WAS the first to the pole.

But France?!

And look - their piece breaks my piece in half.

I want Antartica. I suggest that we declare war on France for it. It's not like they're good fighters - we'll win easily. And then I will be able to rest calmly in the knowledge that Australia has the biggest bit of Antartica, and that our bit isn't broken up by a nation that eats snails.

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