Thursday, 17 March 2011

Police Get Jude

I've written about Jude before, and he is the most hilarious child. I was playing with him, when the burgular alarm next door went off.

"Siren!" He said.

"Yep," I confirmed.

"Police! Police coming! Police coming get Jude!" (He seemed more excited that upset at this thought.)

"Why are the police coming to get you Jude?" I asked.

"Jude SPEEDING. Mummy, Daddy's car. Speeding! Vrooom!" And with that he sped away.

And then, the next week, Jude came in with a massive scab over his nose. "How'd you get that Jude?"


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Wiola said...

Oh sounds like such a funny little boy. :) Your job seems awesome!

Last year I made a little pink pig out of paper for a colleague's 3-year-old-son. He was playing with it for 30-40 minutes. He was running around in the hall making flying sounds and telling me that the pig was a flying super-pig. :)