Sunday, 30 October 2011

On the Way to Church

Kallie has started going to church early for intercessory prayer. So she leaves the house around seven and goes to Auntie Pansy's house, who then drives her.

Today, on the way, Kal came across a possum roadkill. And she noticed that there was a "fluff ball" waiting next to it. The fluffball then ran over to Kallie, then back to the roadkill.

The fluff-ball was a little baby possum.

So Kallie caught it with her jacket and brought it home. She then phoned the wildlife people, and they told us to take it to the vet and they would pick it up from there.

So we did.

Then we went to church.

We were still there before pre-service prayer started, which I thought was a pretty good effort.

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Joab said...

You didn't tell me about said fluffball!