Monday, 24 October 2011

Permanent Blog Damage

This year has been kind of light blogging-wise on Sam-Is-Mad. My other blog has been posting more and more frequently (I'm now scheduling posts daily, and am currently 1 month in advance, which is on purpose, because I'm going away.) I'm even managing to post more often on the NOW FULLY APPROVED missions blog. But S-I-M... not so much.

Most of this is simple. My friends are all getting older. And certain people are bigger contributers to the insanity that is S-I-M than others. (Joab immediately comes to mind here.) But the problem is this... most of my main funny people are doing the dreaded PHD.

It's not enough for them that they are getting Permanent Head Damage, they are making blogging funny stuff so much harder. Joab, Shaun, Kallie, you all make me sad. Except Kallie. She's still funny. But most of her funny is in-jokes or inappropriate for general reading.

Please, please finish your PHDs soon. I need to get over this blog damage. It makes me sad.


Joab said...

Lolz, what do you have against PhDs?!? =P I attribute any improvement to getting closer to God and having Karen in my life =P

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Blaming your girlfriend for your own boringness is an unpardonable sin.

Karen should deck you.

Be less boring. My blog is suffering.