Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Race Day Photos


John-Wayne, Mum or Robert (I'm sure you can work out who is who), Dad, me, and Julie.

Robert and John-Wayne.  The buff one in the family, and the skinny one whose training plan involved a detailed diet.

Me and Julie.  I am older, even tough I don't look it.
Interesting notes from seeing these pictures:
- My glasses fall down A LOT.  I need new ones, and should just use these ones for work.
- I'm amazed at how tiny I am.  Not just skinny, though there is that, but short and just all round... tiny.  I always knew that I was small, but this is something else.  Especially when you consider that no one in my family is really large.
I'm running my next race on the 24th, and it's 10km.  Alex has volunteered to run this with me, so hopefully we'll get photos.  It's the River Run Geelong, in case anyone wants to either sign up or rock up and support us.

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